Samstag, 26. Januar 2008


Vol. 1 - The Four Kings: One Night Karl Hammel Jr.: Sittin’ Alphabeticly The Inspirations: The Genie The Coronets: I’m All Alone The Contenders: (I Love You) Hetta Hetta Jay Fanning: Church Bells The Visuals: My Juanita The Glowtones: The Girl I Love Don Dell & the Up Starts: A Special Love The Viscounts: Raindrop The Sentimentals: You’re Mine The Unique Teens: At The Ball The Deans: I Don’t Want To Wait (Just For Saturday Night) Joey Dee: The Girl I Walk To School The Caslons: Anniversary Of Love The Sensations: Don’t Take Your Love The Belvedeers: Let’s Get Married The Castaleers: You’re My Dream The Fabulaires: Lonely Days, Lonely Nights The Versatiles: Passing By The Standards: Hello Love The Shallows: Wrecking My Love The Juveniles: Beat In My Heart The Royal Lancers: Oh Little Girl The Rogues: It's True The Creators: There's Going To Be An Angel

Vol. 2 - The Visuals: The Submarine Race The Del Rays: The One I Adore Richie Cordell: Tick Tock Danny Winchell: Come Back My Baby The Melodeers: Wishing Is For Fools Lonnie Heard: A Sunday Kind Of Love The Daybreakers: Up, Up And Away Steve Gibson & the Red Caps: Cheryl Lee Jimmy Allen & the Two Jays: My Girl Is A Pearl Nickie & the Nite Lites: Tell Me You Care The Cupids: (If You Cry) True Love True Love The Kac-Ties: Donald Duck Don Dell & the Up Starts: Time The Royal Jokers: Do-Re-Mi Rock The Scamps: Yes My Baby Marc Cavell & the Classmates: I Didn’t Lie The Volumes: Teenage Paradise The Jiving Juniors: Moonlight Lover The Rivals: Rigetty Tick The Five Playboys: Why Be A Fool Jay & the Deltas: Bells Are Ringing The Dories: Stompin Sh-Boom Lenny Dean & the Rockin’ Chairs: Memories Of Love The Lanes: Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In)

Vol. 3 - Nicky St. Claire & the 5 Trojans: I Hear Those Bells The Cubs: Why Did You Make Me Cry The Marcels: Bells Tony Dell: My Girl The Montereys: Branchin’ Out The Charades: Make Me Happy Baby The Visions: All Through The Night The Reminiscents: For Your Love Frankie Rossi & the Dreams: Around The Corner The Stereos: Doodle-Ee-Do Rick & the Masters: I Don’t Want Your Love The Matadors: Perfidia Raymond Pope & the Love Tones: Star The Creations: I’ve Got A Feeling The Roamers: Chop Chop Ching A Ling The Acorns: Angel The Cameos: Please Love Me The Underbeats: Book Of Love The Pharaos: Head Up, High Hopes The Penguins: I Knew I’d Fall In Love The Paramounts: Girl Friend Nino & the Ebb Tides: Tell The World I Do The Crowns: Kiss And Make Up The Valrays: Yo me pregunto (I Ask Myself) The Young Lions: Little Girl The T-Birds: Nobody But You

Vol. 4 - The Derbys: Night After Night Gregory Howard & the Cadillacs: When In Love The Flairs: Steppin’ Out The Del-Airs: I’m Lonely The G-Clefs: Darla, My Darling Dave T (Del Rays): Scooter Town Richard Lanham: On Your Radio Ronnie Height: So Young, So Wise The Fortuneers: Look A’ There The Team Mates: Never Believed In Love The Accents: Rags To Riches The Jumpin’ Tones: Grandma’s Hearing Aid The Fantasys: Why? Oh Why? The Mellodeers: The Letter The Beatles: The Girl I Love Tex & the Chex: (Love Me) Now The Chancellors: There Goes My Girl The Cupids: Little Girl Of Mine The Softwinds: Oh Baby The Troys: Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling Lou Martino: Someone To Watch Over Me Dino & the Diplomats: Hush-A-Bye My Love The Elites: Northern Star The El Capris: Ivy League Clean The Chips: Darling (I Need Your Love) The Jets: Soul Dinner

Vol. 5 - The Spirals: Please Be My Love The Tokays: Fatty-Boom-Bi-Laddy The Stratfords: Promise Her Anything (But Give Her Love) The Caslons: Settle Me Down The Defenders: I Laughed So Hard The Blue Sonnets: Thank You Mr. Moon The Techniques: Marindy The Dedications: Shining Star Kenny Loran: Magic Star The Crescents: When You Wish Upon A Star The Del-Larks: Lady Love The Boulevards: Chop Chop Hole In The Wall The Van Dykes: Run Betty Run The Squires: Dangling With My Heart The Teardrops: My Inspiration The Inspirations: Good Bye The Five Kings: Light Bulb The Raindrops: I Remember In The Still Of The Nite The Wonders: I’ll Write A Book Rick & the Masters: Here Comes Nancy Donnie & the Dreamers: Carole The Paramounts: When You Dance The Sedates: I Found The Hollywood Flames: Gee The Six Teens: Send Me Flowers LaVerne Ray & the Raytones: I’ve Got That Feeling

Vol. 6 - Richie & the Ryals: Be My Girl The Pretenders: Ding Dong Bells The Preludes: Starlight The Contels: Hey You The Kaptions: Dreaming Of You Tony Morra & the Do-Wel’s: Looking For My Baby The Chantiers: Peppermint The Velvet Keys: My Baby’s Gone Billy Porto: Ruby Ruby The Rocketeers: Talk It Over Baby The Regents: Liar The Mello-Tones: I’m Gonna Get (What I Came For Last Night) Bill Baker & the Chestnuts: Tell me Little Darling The Goldbugs: Stop That Wedding Ricky & the Vacels: Bubble Gum The Runaways: Kangaroo Hop The Sentimentals: A Sunday Kind Of Love The Tangents: Send Me Something Jimmy & the Towers: One More Chance The Veltones: Fool In Love Ralph DeMarco: More Than Riches Richie: Yvonne The Four Cheers: Fatal Charms Of Love The Parktowns: The Day Will Never Come

Vol. 7 - Ernie & the Halos: The Girl From Across The Sea The Velons: Shelly The Stagehands: Hello Dolly The Reminiscents: Zoom Zoom Zoom The Grand Prees: Alone The Tremonts: Believe My Heart The Fabulous Flames: Josephine Little Victor & the Vistas: Love The Hi-Lites: I’m Falling In Love Little Sammy Rozzi: Over The Rainbow The Dynamics: Delsinia The Rivieras: Together Forever The Jewels: Pearlie Mae The Medallions: Love That Girl The Spinners: Richard Pry, Private Eye The Invictas: Nellie The Chanticleers: Daddy Must Be The Wonders: Well Now The Note-Torials: My Valerie The Reflections: In The Still Of The Nite The Caravelles: Twistin’ Marie The Premiers: I Think I Love The Classic IV: What Will I Do The Caravelles: Flip Side The Del Rays: Around The Corner Bobby Roy & the Chord-A-Roys: Girls Were Made For Boys

Vol. 8 - The Five Trojans: Alone In This World The Starfires: Love Is Here To Stay Buddy Roberts & the Hi Liters: Ding Dong The Serenaders: I Wrote A Letter Jo-Ann: Baby Doll The Exceptions: Down By The Ocean Donnie & the Dreamers: My Memories Of You The Episodes: Where Is My Love Toby Grogan: Angel Gabriel & the Angels: Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart The Fairlanes: Playboy The Songspinners: Duffy The Reactions: Just A Little Love John Capri & the Fabulous Four: When I’m Lonely The Starfires: Each Night At Nine The Skylites: Oh happy Day The Personalities: Woe Woe Baby The Possessions: No More Love The Gleams: You Broke My Heart The Tangiers: Ping Pong The V Classics: Come On Baby The Ultimates: I Can Tell You Love Don Dell & the Montereys: Make Believe Love Benn Zeppa & the Four Jacks: Why Do Fools Fall In Love The Kings: Come On Little Baby Julito & the Latin Lads: Nunca (Never)

Vol. 9 - Gary & the Knight Lites: Will You Go Steady The Monorays: My Guardian Angel The Fantastics: This Is My Wedding Day The Larks: There Is A Girl The Dedications: Mary Lou Bobby Capri: One sided Love Billy & the Essentials: Lonely Weekend The Diadems: Why Don’t You Believe Me The Del-Larks: Remember The Night The Blen-Dells: Forever The Tides: Who Told You The Jades: Walking Along The Chants: I Could Write A Book The Windsors: Keep My From Crying The Dappers: We’re In Love The Victorians: Please Say You Do The Len-Dells: Litterbug The Dreamers: Natalie The Academics: Somethin’ Cool Lori Wood & the Belmonts: But That Was Long Ago Ronnie Mathews: The Week Is Over Tony Dee & the Pageants: Make You My Queen Sammy Hagan & the Viscounts: Wild Bird The Lyrics: The Girl I Love The Kings: Let Me Know The Coronets: Baby’s Coming Home

Vol. 10 - The Unique Echos: Zoom The Hi-Fives: How Can I Win Ronnie & the Hi-Lites: The Fact Of The Matter Little Tom & the Valentines: School Girl The Altairs: Groovie Time The Enchanters: There Goes The Dell-Vikings: I Hear Bells The Reflections: Rocket To The Moon The Five Sounds: Good Time Baby Rick & the Keens: Peanuts The Sandpipers: Ali Baba Richie & the Royals: We’re Strollin’ The Del Cades: World’s Fair USA Jeff, Jim & Jan: Star Bright The Four Cheers: Perrinwinkle Blue The Glenwoods: Elaine Jimmy J & the J’s: Please Be My Girlfriend The Five Stars: Hey Juanita The Comic Books: Manuel The Del-Airs: Lost My Job The El Reys: Beverly The Parakeets: Shangri-La The Swinging Hearts: Something Made To Stop The Classmates: Pretty Little Pet The Teen Tones: Gypsy Boogie The Preludes: Oh Please, Genie

Vol. 11 - The Marx: One Minute More Billy Gallant & the Roulettes: Scribbling On The Wall Lee Adrian with the Rochester Collegiates: School Is Over The Spiedels: No The Blendairs: My Love Is Just For You The Irridescents: Hey There Ernie Maresca: Please Be Fair The Robins: White Cliffs Of Dover The Singing Roulettes: Hasten Jason The Corvairs: Sing A Song Of Sixpence The Squires: Can’t Believe That You’ve Grown Up The Mood Makers: Dolores The Blends: Now It’s Your Turn The Edsels: Rama Lama Ding Dong alt. The Impressors: Do You Love Her Linda Carr & the Impossibles: Happy Teenager The Devotions: Teardrops Follow Me Freddy Schaefer: Zoom Zoom Zoom The Del-Chords: Say That You Love Me The Hideaways: Lovin’ Time The Royal Jesters: Never Will Forget The Five Shits: Dreaming Of You The Five Playboys: She’s My Baby The Emerald City Bandits: Come On Oz The Kappas: Sweet Juanita The Escorts: Gaudeamus

Vol. 12 - Ray Allen & the Upbeats: Sweet Lorraine The Treble Chords: Teresa The Tassels: The Boy For Me The Elegants: Dressin’ Up Eddie Cari: Wishing Time Nicky Como: Your Guardian Angel The Four Temptations: Cathy The Whirlwinds: Heartbeat The Suburbans: I Remember The Darrells: Without Warning The Vines: Love So Sweet The Harmony Grits: Gee Tony & the Raindrops: While Walking The Companios: These Folish Things Arthur & the Corvets: I Believe Little Joe & the Thrillers: I Love You For Sentimental Reasons Bobby & the Counts: Tra-La-La (I’m So Happy) The Tassels: My Guy And I The Orbits: Mr. Hard Luck The King Bees: Lovely Love The Del Rays: Lily Maybelle Scott Stevens & the Cavaliers: Why, Why, Why The Castaleers: My Baby’s All Right The Charters: This Makes Me Mad The Visions: Secret World (Of Tears) The Aqua-Nites: Carioca

Vol. 13 - Flash & the Memphis Casuals: I Promise To Remember The Tridels: Land Of Love The Paramounts: When I Dream The Visions: Tell Me You’re Mine The Rendezvous: It Breaks My Heart Jerry Evans & the Off Keys: Oh Little Girl The Hide-A-Ways: I’m Coming Home M. R. Baseman & the Symbols: Rip Van Winkle The Cyclones: Say What? The Montereys: So Deep Steve Gibson & the Red Caps: It’s Love S&H Scamps: Sassy The Five Embers: I’m Free The Interiors: Love You Some More Ronnie Madison: Here I Stand The Uniques: It’s Got To Come From Your Heart The Originales: Bandstand Sound The Sonnets: Oh Judy The Savoys: Oh Gee Oh Gosh The El Domingos: Lucky Me I’m In Love Johnny Blake & the Cippers: Bella Marie The Gales: Baby Come Home Sonny Vito & the Four J’s: Put ‘em Down Joe The Jo-Vals: I Want You (To Be My Girl) Ronnie Jones & the Classmates: My Baby Cries Jimmy Gale Quartet: School Is Over

Vol. 14 - The Gates: Wrapped In Green, Made For A Teen The Arc-Angels: Little Wheel The Reminiscents: Cards Of Love The Catalina Six: Sweet Baby Please Come Home The Clientelles: Church Bells May Ring The Paramounts: Christopher Columbus Terry Hull & the Starfires: Those Pretty Brown Eyes The Tempests: Never Let You Go Mike Lawing & the Dissonaires: One Love The Premiers: Angel Love The Mistics: Memories Joyce Heath & the Privateers: Honor Roll Of Love The Velvet Keys: Let's Stay After School Tex & the Chex: Be On The Lookout For My Girl The Values: That's The Way The Astro-Jets: Hide And Seek Billy The Kid & the Supremes: You Are Mine The Termites: Carrie Lou The Statlers: Vicki Allen George: I Won't Cry Barry & Bob & the Stereos: Music, Music, Music Jeb Stuart: Ichaban Jason Steve Gibson & the Red Caps: Itty-Bitty The Vets: Natural Born Lover The Epics: Baltimore Jay Jay & the Selectones: Humpty Dumpty The Toreadors: Do You Remember Part II