Montag, 31. Dezember 2007


Junior Dean & the Avalons: Chick Chick Steve Bledsoe: Dumb Dumb Bunny Kenny Owen: I Got The Bug Jimmy Crain: Rock-A-Sock-A-Hop Floyd Henderson [With Orch. Of Rene Hall]: Nosy Rosy R. Dean Taylor: At The High School Dance Bobby Lawson: If You Want My Love / Baby Don’t Be That Way Kip Tyler: She Got Eyes Bill Ennis: I’m Hypnotized Rich Miller [Accompanied By The K9’s]: What’cha Gonna Say Billy Wayne & the Torches: Coming Home The Raging Storms: The Dribble (Twist) Jimmy Ford: Gotta Gal Willie Ward Darby [With Ray Bolling & The Raves]: Iggy Joe Doug Warren & the Rays: Around Midnight Don Winters: Pretty Moon Denny Nole & the Catalinas: It Ain’t A Big Thing Donnie Nix: Ain’t About To Go Home The Duals: Wait Up Baby Oliver Cool: Nobody Can, Like Jo-Anne Can / The Scream Johnny Carlton: She’s A Moonlighter Ronnie Haig: Money Is A Thing Of The Past Ernie Daro: Rock Tonight Roy Clark: Please Mr. Mayor Johnny Fraser: Rock With The Mambo [“Cleveland’s Own”] Vinni Vincent: Hey! Cobella Lewis Weber: Queen Of Rock And Roll John Shur [Vocal With Backing By The Abstracts & Charmettes]: I Got Caught In The Washing Machine (And I’m Gonna Twist All Night)

2007 - TEEN SCENE VOL. 4

The Royal Knights: Long Long Ponytail Wally Lee with the Storms: I Never Felt This Way Larry & Dixie Davis: Gonna Live It Up Ted Embry: New Shoes Andy Wilson: Worry Worry Dean Evans: Lottin Dottin Kenny Owen: High School Sweater The Daarts: Beloved Stranger Jamie Foster: It’s Two O’Clock David Orrell: You’re The One Dwarless Fearsley: Honeybee Little Montie Jones: The Girl With The Poney Tail Teddy Bart: Just Enough Phil Barclay & the Sliders: Loving Baby Bruce Channel: Run Romance Run Chip Fisher: Junior High Charles Heinz: Destiny Don Miller & Carolyn Day: Telephone Baby Johnny Redd: I Flipped My Top The Treasures: Sweet Words Of Love Dickie Damron: Rockin’ Baby Bill Allen with the Keynotes: Oo-We-Baby Tommy Nelson: Like Let’s Go Out Bill Taylor & the Sherwoods: You Hold My Letters (Not Me) Johnny Stark: Little Boy Blues Jimmy Hawkins: Sure Do The Loafers: The Best Thing “J” & the Sabers [Music By “The Gents”]: Little One Bobby Jameson: I Wanna Love You Don Orbison with the Basics: Time


The Raindrops: I Don’t Want A Sweetheart (Ramblin’) “Red” Bailey: Take Off Like A Bird Arlie Duff: Mama You’ve Had Your Day Harvey Hurt: Stayed Away Too Long Sammie Cole: I’m Sorry About That Loyd Howell: Little Froggy Went A Courtin’ / They Don’t Know Harvey Hurt: Stayed Away Too Long Sammie Cole & the Alibis: I’m Sorry About That Billy Frizzell: Out Of Clear Blue Sky “Curley” Reeves with State Calla Country Band: Yep! It Must Be Love Billy Hall: I Need Some Lovin’ Bobby Hankins: Honky Tonk Queen The Bridge Brothers: Sticka-By-You David Gregg: Baby I Don’t Care Buck Trail [Wayne Gray On Guitar]: The Blues Keep Knocking Rod Morris: Alabama Jail Vern Pullens: You Don’t Mean To Make Me Cry [unissued] / Mama Don’t Allow No Boppin’ [unissued] Paul Wheatley: Teenage Jive Eddie Jackson & his Swingsters: Rock And Roll Baby Jim Hardin & the Musical Erupters: High Stepping Woman Henry McPeak: Feel Like Yelling Morey Dubois: If You Can Spare The Time Johnny Laury: Honky Tonk Man Jack King: Wildfire Earny Vandagriff: You Can’t Come In Junne Miller: How Bad Can Bad Luck Be Buck & Tommy: Lady Friend Wayne (Bob) Roberts: Japanese Rhumba Harold Crosby: Bright Lights Irving Verge & the Commanders: Nancy


Curley Jim & the Billey Rocks: Rock And Roll Itch / Sloppy, Sloppy Susie Wally Lee with the Storms: Eeny Meeny Johnny Mann & the Tornados: Chick-A-Lou Dickie “Bird” Newland: Don’t Be Funny Honey Wayne Handy with the Melody Masters: Problem Child / I’ll Never Be The Same / Say Yeah Maximilian: Butter Ball King Ivory Lee: Rockin’ In The Cocanut Top Ronnie Brent: My Sweet Verlene The Blue Notes [Vocal Al Reed]: I Love Her So Ramsey Kearney: The Cat Bug Bit [unissued] / Don’t Tease Jenny [unissued] Franky Preston & the Beachcombers: I Want To Do It Billy Hall & his Rhythm Boys: Move Over Rover Johnny Kay: Starvation Bill Friel: Teenager Johnny Bush with Bill Freeman & his Texas Plainsmen: Your Kind Of Love Eddie Ferrell: Teach Me How To Rock Davey Holt & the Hubcaps: Pittery Pat Joe Ramirez & his Jumping Jacks [Vocal Frankie Mann]: Run You Down Ira Allen: Nursery Rock Marv Blihovde & the Vanguards: Been Away Too Long The Four Rebels: Boogie Woogie Sally Mickey Decker & the Galaxies: Jenny, Jenny [unissued] Marvin Paul: None Of Your Business Danny Ross: Look At You Go K. C. Grand & the Shades: Lookie Lookie Lookie Freddie Flynn & the Flashes: Green Stamps


Arthur Smith: Hotrod Race Everett Gates & the Jokers: Mean Machine Ray Greff: The Racing King Jack Kitchen with the Rock-A-Billies: Hot Rod Boogie Slick Slavin: Speed Crazy Bobby Johnston: Flat Tire Roy Tann: Hot Rod Queen Dick Grass & the Hoppers: Mr. John Law Jim Foster with the Kountry Kut-Ups: Rag Roof Roadster The Creeps: Teen-Age Widder Bobby Paige & the El Dorados: Little Hot Rod Bob Spencer: Roll Hot Rod, Roll The Savoys: Slappin’ Rods And Leaky Oil Mike Page: Long Black Shiney Car The Vibrents: Fuel Injection Billy Land: Four Wheels Charlie Ryan & the Timberline Riders: Hot Rod Lincoln / Hot Rod Race Ramblin’ Jimmie Dolan: Hot Rod Race Wally George [With Jimmy Lewis & his Orchestra]: Drag Strip Sammy Masters: Twin Pipes And Pin Stripes [unissued] [“Cleveland’s Own”] Vinni Vincent: Wailin’ And Scalin’ Roger Christian: Last Drag Donnie & Diane: Hot Rod Weekend [unissued] Junior Jordan & the Rock-A-Boogie 7: Down Boy! Down Boy! The Duals: Stick Shift Ric Lance: No Place To Park Larry Faulk: I’m In Hot Rod Heaven In My Old ’37 Buddy White: Unlucky Man Harley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt: Hey Baby

2006 - TEEN SCENE VOL. 3

Johnny Gee: Yes, I’m Leaving You Rocky & the Continental 4: (I Want To Be Your) Lucky Star The Sparkles [feat. Bolo Smith]: He Can’t Love You Dick Allison & the Broughams: Dreem World Of Love Jimmy Luke: Joanie Johnny & Jerry: Cry-Baby Kenny Baker: I’m Gonna Love You Virgil Sawyer & the Emeralds: You’re Gonna Grieve When I Leave Roc Larue with the Three Pals: Teenage Blues Bobby Poore [Orchestra Conducted By Rene Hall]: Heartbreak Of Love / One And Two Ron Volz & the Rockin’ R’s: I’m Still In Love With You Jerry Palmer: Party Pooper Bobby Martin & Rockin’ Tune Twisters: Back To School Rock Kenny Smith & Cave Tones: Rockin’ Roll Party Lewis Weber: Jean Mike Figlio: More Than Anything Ronney Scalair [Orchestra And Chorus Directed By Jerry Ragavoy]: Ponytail Chuck Hix: Sixteen / Sandy Ronal McCown [With The Clay Glover Combo]: Fool’s Day Off Wynn Stewart: School Bus Love Afair Tommy Maris: Teenage Lover Douglas Connell & the Hot Rods: On Your Way From School / You’re My Girl Paul Little: Turn Around Baby Tommy “Jim” Beam & the Four Fifths: Convincing You Dave Meadows with the Neanderthals: Angel The Enchanters: So Much


Emil Spak with the Encores: Hold Up Sammy Berk [At The Piano]: Big Beat Boogie The Vibrants: Wildfire / Scorpion Cay Wagner Orchestra [With Ward Darby Guitarist]: Kentucky Blue Grass [The Liverpool Sound Of] The Royals: Percision The Blue Jeans: Cool Martini The Shufflers: Ireland Express / Slumber Kurt & the Kapers: Trapped / Mon-Goose Terry & the Renegades: Live Drive Lenny & the Continentals: Get Off The Road / Yankee Doodle Rock The Corvairs: Something Wild The T-Birds: Thunder Rock Tiny Fuller: Cocklebur The Vanguards: Wild The Tornadoes: Riot The Penetrators: Blitzkrieg The Run-A-Bouts: Wild Fire The Consolations: Groovey Grubworm The Futuras: Mile Zero The Ramrods: War Cry The Caps: Red Headed Flea The Holidays: Concussion Ray McArthur’s Hill Stoppers [Vocal Hayward Norred]: Raymond’s Beat The Storms: Tarantula Jackie Lowell [With Duane Diamond & the Astronauts]: Warpath The Starfires: Billy’s Blues


Glenna Deve: At The End Of My Rainbow The Tumbleweeds: Truck Driver’s Wife Loretta Thompson: Square From Nowhere Miki Smith: Love Sweet Love / One Way Street Dolly Cooper: Big Rock Inn Terri Dean: You Treat Me Like A Boy Kay Brown: The Teen-Age Hop Jackie Dee: Buddy Penny Candy: Come On Over Merlene Garner: You’re It Calie Bitetti: I’m Gonna Show Him Charlene Arthur & the Knights: Hello Baby Bonnie Bartlett [With Music By Elliot Carpenter]: Bop De Loom Linda Lanni: Soupin’ Up Your Motor Betty Rogers: Hey Good Lookin’ Mitzi Craig: That’s About The South O’ What I Like Myrna Jay: Johnny’s Coming Home The Miller Sisters: Ten Cats Down Patsy Montana: Two Time Love Carmela Rosella with the Palais Royals: Oh, It Was Elvis Bobbie Jean [With Stan Gunn & his Hep Cats]: I Don’t Want A Bunny Or Dolly (I Just Want Elvis Instead) Mary Mazza: Niza Boy Marie La Donna [Orchestra Conducted By Billy Mure]: Bobby Baby (What Am I Gonna Do With You) Betty Jayne & the Teenettes: Tag Along Laura Jean Voss: Boy Next Door Carolyn Bradshaw: Marriage Of Mexican Joe The Nettles Sisters with the Rodeo Tune Wranglers: Real Gone Jive Gloria Belle: Today I Can Smile Renie Hicks with the Aztecs: Real Gone Okie

2006 - GANGWAR

Gene Maltais with the Gibson String Band: Gangwar / The Raging Sea Bill Walls: Rockin’ And Reelin’ Billy Mach: It Makes No Difference Ernie Berti & the Voca-Tocas: I’m Alive Larry Wheeler: Be My Baby, Baby Fred Netherton & the Wildwood Playboys: Matchbox Carl Dean: Wait Til The Sun Comes Down Gary Lane: Henrietta The Ring-A-Dings: Snacky Poo Rudy Dozier: Swee’ Jonnie The Traits [Vocal Roy Head]: Linda Lou Jerry C. Sims: Big Time Big Daddy G: Big Berry (Boss Guitar Man) Loy Clingman: Rockin’ Down Mexico Way Barry Boyd with the Frantics: You’re For Me Grant Grieves: Four In The Floor / Shake It Baby Billy Adams & the Rock-A-Teers: That’s My Baby / You Gotta Have A Duck Tail Jack Bailey & the Naturals: Oh What Love Is Jerry Adams & the Starlighters: Old Black Joe / There’s A Big Wheel Bud Landon & the Rhythm Masters: Walking Larry Lincoln: That’ll Hold You Jeffrey Parnell & the Tune Twisters: I’m Gonna Put A Cricket In Your Ear George M. Marshall: Do We Know Kenny Baker: Goodbye Little Star Jimmy Barbee & the Hardtimes: Sweet Woman’s Love Ken Kennington: It Goes Without Saying

2006 - SET ME FREE

Bill Morrison: Baby Be Good / Set Me Free The Sabres: Rock-A-Baby [unissued] Al Barkle with Dave Rosas Band: Private War Ronnie Haig: Don’t You Hear Me Calling Baby Rusty York: Shake ‘Em Up Baby Link Wray: I Sez / Johnny Bom Bonny Curley Langley & his Western All Stars: Rockin’ And A Rollin’ / Linda Lou The Jumpin’ Jacks: Mop-Top Rocky Davis: You’re A Doll / Save A Little Love For Me Slim Rhodes [feat. Sandy Brooks]: Do What I Do The Bee Bops: Wandering Blue / If You Love Me Mike Harris: Just A Memory Don Jordan: Hypnotized George Mack with the Melody Macs: I Want To Be With You Baby Marc Cavell: School Day Romance Tommy Wilson: Buzzin’ Joey Venuti: Where’s That Love / Bye, Bye Baby Ron Williams & the Customs: Sue Sue Baby Chuck Mann: Little Miss Muffet Robert Gill & the Gill-O-Teens: I’m Happy The Sterling Brothers: Cabbage Head Conny & the Bellhops: Fafine Bill Carter: Cool Tom Cat Chick Carlton & the Majestics: (I Want To Be A) TV Cowboy


Ronnie Haig: Rocking With Rhythm & Blues Darrell Rhodes & the Falcons: Four O’Clock Baby Bill Watkins: I Got Troubles The Untimates: Lost Romance Don Woody: Red Blooded American / Not I Phil Barclay & the Sliders: Young Long John Chuck Goddard: Living Myself To Death Johnny Wilson: Twi-Light Zone / Little Miss Fortune Alan Riddle: The Moon Is Crying Roy Biggs: I Want To Rock With You The Jumpin’ Jacks: Let There Be Rockin’ Brien Fisher: It’s Up To You The Electras: Mary Mary The Dropouts: I’m Leaving The Caps: Daddy Dean Buddy Starr: Blues Around My Head Tony Cosmo: Pony Tail Annie & Crew Cut Joe Jim Burgett & his Make-Beliver’s: Live It Up / Pick-Up-A-Coupl’a-Records Paul Kirk: Ready Little Steady Benn Joe Zeppa: Terry Lou / Shame On You, Miss Lindy Rich Roman: T. T. B. (Truly, Truly Baby) / Ooh, Ooh, Ooh Louie & the Ambassadors: Talk That Talk Rand Parker & the Strollers: Big Mary’s House The Denhams: Cry, Baby Cry Orlie & the Saints: Twist And Freeze – U.S.A.


Willie Samples & Ricochets: I Don’t Care The Uptowners [Vocal Barney Barnicle]: Cost Of Lovin’ Chuck Stacey with the Rompers: You Think It’s Funny Bill Woods: Ask Me No Questions Bud Landon & the Rhythm Masters: Running Man / Six Mile Climb Red Arrow & the Braves: The Last Days Of Kinzua Curly Sanders & the Santones: This Time / Brand New Rock And Roll Wallace Waters: Keep Me In Your Charms [unissued] The Wildwood Trio: The Wildwood Rock Chuck Henderson: Rock And Roll Baby Uncle Alvis & the Corncobs: Hey, Hey Pussycat Jimmy Walls: What A Little Kiss Can Do Montie Jones: Black Cat’s Chasin’ Me Bobby Martin with the Tune Twisters: Give Your Heart To Me / Sleepy Time Blues Chuck Jennings: Mr. Misery [unissued] Jack Toombs: Pin Ball Fever Joe L. White: Staying Home Tonight Earl Smith & the Night Cappers: Black River Bay James Lane: Rockin’ In My Heart Mack & Gwen with the Country Playboys: Baby I Want Another Date With You Wes Holly & the Rhythm Ranchers: Hop Rock Clint Miller: Till The End Of The World Rolls Round Gene Morris: I Craw Fished Houston Barks: She’s Gone Bob Kinney & the Sidekicks: The Girls I Left Behind Bill Martin: Meet Me Halfway The Big Whopper: Charlie Brown’s Mule

2005 - STEP OUT

Billy Eldridge with the Fire Balls: Let’s Go Baby Jamie Foster: Yea, Pretty Baby Doug Powell: Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes / The Lord Made A Woman Jerry Paul: Step Out / Oh Boy Don Rader & the Five Stars: Rockin’ The Blues Chuck Sims: Little Pigeon Dan Vira & the Flying “D” Ramblers: Duck Tail Cat The Novatones: Mary Lee Mike Cushman & the Interludes: Playtoy / Me And My Guitar Maynard Horlick: Girl From Bandstand / Wake Up Old Rip Van Winkle [unissued] Bob Crewe: Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Jerry Sullivan: Ella Mae / Curley Headed Baby Wynn Stewart: Come-On Lee Harris: My Baby’s Acting Kind’A Strange / The Rambler Chuck Freeman: She’s Not Home Bud Landon & the Rhythm Masters: Get Away Steve Vine & the Eelectras: Your Lovin’ Gets The Best Of Me / Boo Boo Bear Dodi & Dot: Little Red Rocking Hood Ronnie Newton: Workingman’s Blues Fred Bible: C’mon Baby Little Jacky Wayne: White Felt Hat Jim Myers & Tex Regan & the Gems: Pretty Baby Rock Curtis Gordon: From Memphis To New Orleans

2005 - TEEN SCENE VOL. 2

The Moonlighters: Broken Heart Reggie Olson: You Upset Me Lennie Richards & the Nomads: Teem Twist No. 1 Dennis Hunt & his Hunters: So Long, So Lonely, So Blue Charlie J. & the Woolfmen: Love You More Warren Miller: Say You’ll Be True Art Stuart: Fountain Of Love Johnny & the Jays: Lugene Bill Quad: I’ll Stop Crying Paul London: Real Gone Lover Jack Bailey & the Naturals: Your Magic Touch Johnny Guidry: High School Dance Robin Montgomery: You’re 18, I’m 21 Joey & the Impressions: The Week Is Over The Chosen: I’ve Had It The Gems [With Ted McCrae Orchestra]: There’s No One Like My Love / School Rock Rog Winston with the Plaids: Ever Ever True Wayne Handy & the Melody Masters: I Think You Oughta Look Again Danny Dalton: Who’s Gonna Hold Your Hand / Walkin’ The Spindrifts: Belinda Danny & the Nitro-Notes: It’s Quite All Right Al Hartley & the Heartbeats: Ev’ry Little Teardrop Ralph Miranda & Del Toro’s: The Flame The Sounds [feat. Frank Williams]: Judy (I Love You So) Saladin: Wanderin’! Chris Cain: Always Marie Billy Adams: Sleep Baby Sleep Gene Rambo: That’s Why

2005 - STUCK UP

The Terrigan Brothers with the Sterlings: Hi Ho Little Girl Huelyn Duval: It’s No Wonder Arlie Miller: Lou Ann [alt.] Jimmy Dale: Crazy Over You Jim Caraway & Jumpin’ Jacks: Cry Little Boy Steve Carpenter [Joe Nardone’s All Stars – The Tri-Dells]: The Big Hit Jack Bailey & the Naturals: I Cried Herbie Elsworth: Ferdinand Brought Elsie Home Johnny & the Jays: Baby Do Ed Fox & the Twiliters: Let ‘em Talk The Paramounts: Paramount Rock / Judy John Hampton: Shadow My Blues / Honey Hush The Royal Rhythms [Vocal By Jerry Kerlee - Earl Kelly]: Lovey Dovey Ken Darrow: Everytime The Jive Kings: Preacher Man / Johnny Machine Wallace Waters: Holiday Hill Curtis Wilson: Wanted Dead Or Alive Curt Jensen: Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis Johnny Buckett & his Cumberland River Boys: Let Me Play With Your Poodle / Griddle Greasin’ Daddy The Fireflies: Stella’s Got A Fella [alt.] Howard Crockett & the Plains Men: Truddy Brown Emil Spak with the Encores: Stuck Up The Holidays: To Me Billy Sandlin: She’s Mean Bob Papotnik & the Raiders: Miss You Baby Duane Schurb: Roly Poly

2005 - KNOCK OUT

Chuck Carson: Moonlight Rock Arlie Neville: Boppin’ Bug / Don’t Just Stand There [unissued] Donnie Martindale with the Star Fires: Go Jenny Bill Stanton Trio: Rockin’ With The Blues / Get Up, Get Up, And Go Johnny Ramistella: Little Girl Whitey Pullen: Tuscaloosa Lucy / Walk My Way Back Home / Let’s All Go Wild Tonight Mike Moore: The Chick Charlie Graci & his Guitar: Boogie Boogie Blues Arlie Miller: You Tear Me Up / I’ve Heard [ununissued] Joey Nepote [Orchestra H. B. Barnum]: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor Leon Smith: Honey, Honey / That’s The Way Ron Haydock: Rollin’ Danny / Knock Out [unissued] The Bluenotes: You’re A Tiger Orangie Hubbard: Is She Sore Clinton Brooks & the B’s: Tom Duley Rock Tommy Duncan [With Bill Wood’s Orchestra]: Daddy Loves Mommyo Bob Nolen: Bucket Full Of Tears Henry Wilson with the Bluenotes: Are You Ready The Neutrons: Don’t Be Cruel Joey Mancuso: Cool Cat Crawl Jim Myers & his Gems: Oh! Baby Baby Joe Carl & the Dukes Of Rhythm: Rockin’ Fever Ellis Kirk & the Town And Country Boys: Sweetie Pie


The Dial Tones: Boss Jim Anderson & Red Scales: Hootenanny Special The Tremolos: Kackle The Atmospheres: Fickle Chicken Grace Tennessee: Pow Wow The Noblemen: Dirty Robber Dick Burdo & the Smiling Ranch Cowboys: Brushfire The Pyramids: Pyramid’s Stomp / Paul The Montereys: Rocker Wally & the Rights: Zipper Jerry Lee Trio: Warpath The Renegades: Charge Red Arrow & the Braves: Red Skin Teddy & the Rough Riders: Thunder Head Ray Morton & the Temp-Tones: Whirlwind Eddie Smith with the Hornets: Upturn / Border Beat The Saints: Playboy The Uniques: Renegade The Chessmen: Dark Eyes Ace Cannon: Big Shot Leon Smith & the Orbit Rockers: Dynamic / Windfall Bob Taylor & the Counts: Thunder The Epkon’s: Horsfly The Admiral Tones: Rocksville, Pa. The Mysterions: Down Hill The Live Wires: One Cycle Venture The Thrashers: Sledge Hammer


Lou & Ginny: Do I Do Right Pat Molittieri: The USA Evelyn White & Radio Ranch Boys: Mind Your Own Business Dianne Holtz: I Got The Hurt Sally Starr: Rockin’ The Nursery Sharon Lee: Rockin’ And Washing Sue Cheri Robbins: Please Don’t Call Me Lonesome Pat Parker [Accompanied By The Way Mates]: Boy Watcher Nedra Price & the Moonglows: Let’s Have A Party Evelyn Harlene with Casey Clark’s Band: I Wanta Be Free Nona Rae with B. Collins Band: You Can’t Get Away From Me / Real Cool Kitty Judy Jae & the Moonglow’s: Scrapbook Twist / Twisteree Jo Ann Reynolds: Ring A Ding Dong Dandy Beverly Bea: Sugar Plum Nancy Dawn with the Hi-Fi Guys: Glue Me Back Jack Carole Bennett & the Satisfiers: He’s Coming Home Dorothy Minor: Bye-Bye Baby Unknown Artist: Mama’s Alibi Penny West & Lucky Penny Trio: Needle In A Haystack Joyce Allen [Accompanied By Kenny Guillot]: Baby Oh Baby Betty Foley: Old Moon Norma & Linda: Do Dee Oodle Dee Do I’m In Love Libby Dean: Full Time Lover Jackie Lynn Blevins, Joyce Doul & the Sky Rockets: Devil Doll Maureen Gray: Come On And Dance Mary Jo Trape: What Would Johnny Say Linda Scott: I’ve Told Every Little Star Barbara Lee Mac: Big Fat Mama


Daryl Britt with the Blue Jeans: Lover Lover The Thrashers: Fort Lauderdale U.S.A. George Walsh: Don’t Let Me Down Jan Faggard: Lost Without You Chuck Johnston [Accompanied By Tony Agby & The Continentals]: Weepin’ And Wailin’ / String Bean Johnny Lion: Haunted Heart Billy Land: Shimmy Shake Johnny Angel: The Fever The Van Delles: I Got The Blues Little Bell: Sweet Cucumber Don Evans: It’s So Fright’nin Clyde Stacy & the Nitecaps: Hoy Hoy Jack Scott: Geraldine Jerry Ross: Ever’body’s Tryin’ / Small Little Girl Bobby Reed: High School USA Tommy Love & the Deadbeats: Wow! Wow! Easy Deal Wilson: Gotta Have You Jimmy Ridley & the Sentinels: Rock A Bye Baby Aubrey Cagle: Be-Bop Blues Gary Leath & his Nu-Tones: Sensation Kenneth Castleman with the Wanderers: Matchbox Harold & Bob: Stray Cat Art Foster: Jay Dancing / Houston, Texas Walter Perkins & the Turfs: Solid Rock / You Hook Me Baby Mickey Michaels & the Forrestals: Koffee Shop Rock Fabio & Bruno: Do You Know


Deke Wade: Tall Oak Tree Ted Newton: Tennessee Rhythm / Walkin’ Down The Road Truitt Forse: Chicken Bop / Doggone Dame Al Urban: Gonna Be Better Times / Won’t Tell You Her Name Gentleman Jim: If You Don’t Like My Apples (Don’t Shake My Tree) Dayton Smith & the Roving Warriors: What Will The Answer Be Tommy Smith: Born Unlucky Hunter Watts & his Southern Pals: Big Daddy Rock / Wild Man Rock Euel Hall & the Rhythm Rockers: Blue Feeling / Stand In Live Barney Burcham with the Moon Beams: I Fell Frank Starr & his Rock-Away Boys: The Dirty Bird Song Emery Blades with Rainbow Rhythmaires: Look What You Done To Me / The Rock And Roll Carpenter Nolan Richardson: Loving Machine Rebel Wright & the Cimmarons: I’m A Long Gone Daddy The Harmony Twins: Barnyard Rock ‘N’ Roll Bobby Fields & the Harmony Four: Girl From Tennesse Johnny Watson: Come To The Party Hank Rector: I’m Gonna Let You Go Eldon Hughes: Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold Chuck Atha: Ooh-Eee (What You Do To Me) Ray Corbin: The Whole Night Long Wayne Cross with Porter Fender & the Rhythm Kings: Stranger In Black Smokey Stover: On The Warpath David Sutherland & the Southerns: You Better Leave My Baby Alone

2004 - FLIP, FLIP

Larry Dowd & the Rock-O-Tones: Blue Swingin’ Mama Jim Gale: Rockin’ Party Dave Johnson: International Runway Gus Colletti: She’s My Honey The Vons: Flip, Flip Ron Haydock & the Boppers: Bop Hop [unissued] Irvin Russ: Crazy Alligator Glenn Johnson with the Acorns: Run Here Honey Wendell & the Dreamers: That’s Love Marcel St. Jean: The Big Black Jacket Gary Driver: Dance Me To Death Joe Moon: I Ain’t Gonna Tell [unissued] Jimmy Hombs with Tom & the Twinkle Tones & Hollywood Rebels: Joe Cool Paul Zuma: Our Love Will Last Glen Walp & the Casuals: Honeybun Robert Smith with Bailey’s Nervous Kats: Traveling Sam Chuck Jones & the Rockets: Old Coke Bar Bill Starr & the Students: One Heart Tommy Tolleson: The Gulf Coast Twist Danny Boyd: Just A Little Bit Sweeter The Planets [feat. Jimmy Waller]: Sharin’ Lockers Tony & the Del-Fi’s: Goin’ To Miami The Escorts with Bill Roberts: Cajun Queen Frankie & the Teen Tones: Told You Little Baby Jerry Dorn [Orchestra Conducted By Rikki Dawn]: Rockin’ Chair Rock Troy Onteare: Marry The Money Jimmy Luke & the C-Riff’s: Sally Glenn Johnson: Little Heart Attacks Kenny Ambrose: Won’t You (Love Me Baby) The Flying Tornados: Chattanooga Drummer Man

Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007

2004 - STRUTTIN'

Curtis Hobeck: Tom Dooley Rock & Roll Tony Garo: Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Dean Hagopian [Accompanied By The Regals]: Lotta Lotta Lovin’ / Anywhere You Go Walt & the Satans: Maybe One Day / Don’t Bargain With Love The Fairviews: Twinkle Lee Bob Homan: Sweet Thing The Treasures: Lean Jean The Chancellors: Gotta Little Baby The Chieftones [Canada’s All Indian Band]: Big Fat Woman Ronnie Keith [With Scott Seely Orchestra]: Struttin’ Donnie Bell: Sugar Baby Sugar Bob Kirkland: I’m Looking For A Girl Ritchie Deran with the New Tones: Bewitched The Bradley Boys: Lovin Class Ralph Prescott: Little Boy Bop Gary Van & the Starlighters: Rockin’ Too Much Rick & Rod: Don’t Stop (Kissing Me Goodnight) Johnny Taylor with the Rhythm Blue Boys: Mixed Up Rhythm & Blues Joey Castle & the Daddy-O’s: Rock And Roll Daddy-O Harmon Boazeman: No Love In You Frankie Dee [With Gene Kutch Orchestra]: Let’s Go Steady / Let’s Whirl Doug Weiss: Do You Love Another The Moods: Little Alice Kenny Owens: Come Back Baby / Wrong Line Mother Said Gary Leath & his Nu-Tones:Ray Smith: That’s All Right


Stan Johnson with the Sonics: Big Black Train Doug Corby: Heart Break Train Eddie Plew & the Juniors: Midnight Train Chuck Manning & the Rhythm Ranch Boys: Let’s Go Jimmy North with Jack Mashburn Band: Leavin’ Town The Titans: The Noplace Special Dick Paige: Big Train Cliff Lee & the Rhythm Kings: Golden Rocket Floyd Fletcher: Move On Down The Track Grover Pruitt: Mean Train Marty Martin: Boxcar Willie Delaware Valley U.S.A. West [feat. Ernie Walker]: The Wreck Of The Ninety 7 Buddy Aldo: Gotta Get To Memphis Tico & the Triumphs: Express Train The Ly-Dells: Hear That Train Zen Fuller: Mem’ry Train The Chuck-A-Lucks: The Devil’s Train Tracy Pendarvis & the Swampers: South Bound Line Jody Reynolds: Long Black Train [unissued] Wade Cagle & the Escorts: Groovy Train Eddie Carter & the Sunset Rambler: Railroad Stomp Gene Simmons: Going Back To Memphis Johnny Nelms: Mr. Freight Train Jack Kingston: Freight Train Blues Tommy Sena & the Valcounts: Choo Choo Train Rod Morris: The Ghost Of Casey Jones The Jades: Lost Train The Kids From Cleveland: Night Train Saladin: Choo Choo Twist Arlie Miller: Big Black Train [unissued] Elvis Presley: Mystery Train


The Traits [Vocal Roy Head]: Live It Up / My Baby’s Fine / One More Time / Walking All Day / Summertime Love Ralph Bowman with the Shivel Sisters: Can’t Love Nobody But You Charles Durham: Teenage Beat The Nightbeats: Cryin’ All Night Frank Starr: Knee Shakin’ Mel Dorsey with Chuck Wayne & the Heart Beats: Little Jil Mike McAlister: Twenty One [& Nancy] / I Don’t Dig It Gene McKown with the Tune Twisters: Rock-A-Billy Rhythm / Little Mary Gary Link & the Rock-A-Fellas: Rhythm Rock David Ray: Lonesome Baby Blues Jimmy Kriss: You’ve Got Me Worried The McMillin Brothers [Ron & The Pacers Orchestra]: Satisfied Hughie Scott & the Meteors: Be Bop A Lula The Crewnecks: Crewnecks And Khakis Vinnie Di Sano with R. Thompson & the Cliffsiders: Wild Desire Jimmy Dee: Rock Tick Tock Art Stuart: Just Like The Other One Chuck Travis & the Do Wa Wa: Gone Too Soon Ritchie Hart: Vacation Time Stan Ross: Please Don’t Tease Kirby St. Romain: Baby Doll Gaylon Wayne: High School’s On Fire Billy Duke & the Dukes: Rocky Piano Glenn Mooney Ferraris: The Big Surf


The Astro-Notes: Rocket To The Moon Men Of Chantz: Count Down Skip Stanley: Satellite Baby [Version 1] / Satellite Baby [Version 2] Bob & Jerry: Ghost Satellite Billy Jack Hale: Move Over Buddy [unissued] Jackie Gotroe & the Scamps: Rock It To The Moon [with Chorus] Gayle Griffith with the Masters: Rocket Rock And Roll Sonny Sheather & the Stardusters: Orbit With Me Casey Grams [Music Under The Direction Of Ralph Hanyel]: Count Down Eddie Cletro: Flying Saucer Boogie Jimmy Gartin with the Highlanders: Gonna Ride That Satellite Tex Roe & the Ramblers: Rocketship To The Moon L. C. Smith & the Southern Playboys: Honeymoon On A Rocketship Bill Thomas: Sputnik Story Joe Johnson: Rocket To The Moon Jackie Lowell with Duane Diamond and the Astronauts: Rocket Trip Jackie Fautheree: First Man On Mars Julian: Get On The Moon Baby The Fabulous Imperials: Moon Beat Jan Amber: The Little Martian Joe Montgomery: Planetary Run Coye Wilcox: Zippy Hippy Dippy Harold Shutters & his Rocats: Rock ‘N’ Roll Mister Moon Gene Hall: Monkey On The Moon Danny Wheeler [Music By Sandy Stanton]: Teenie Weenie Man Al Jacobson with the Cave Dwellers: Sputnik Story Gene Lamarr & his Blue Flames: Moon Eyes Jesse Lee Turner: The Little Space Girl Hugh Lewis: Rockin’ Moon Men The Wild Tones: The Martian Band Dick Douglas: Rocket Ride Terry Dunavan & the Earthquakes: Rock-It On Mars

2003 - FEAR

David Ray: Jitterbugging Baby / Lonesome Feeling Johnny Cavalier & the Keynotes: Rock’n Chair Roll / Knock Off The Rock Vilas Craig & the Kollege Kings: Spring Fever Skip Cody: Feets Too Big The (Original) Rhythm Rockers: Oh! Oh! Honey Jeff And P.J.: My Fragile Heart Butch McClary: Rockin’ Hall Bob & Joe: Suzie Q (I-L-O-V-E-U) Gary Shelton: The Trance Jerry Jaye: Sugar Dumplin’ / How Could You Lose Your Trust In Me Al Dean & his All Stars: Fragile Heart Davey Bee & the Sonics: Linda Lee Joey Preston: All Those Lies The Premiers: True Deep Love Don Hopkins: Tiddley - Diddley Maynard Horlick: The Ivy League Look [unissued] Bill Bodaford & the Rockets: Little Girl Roger & the Markees: Liza Lee / Million Dollar Baby Mike Ryan & the Teen-Tones: Hurtin’ And Cryin’ Herbert Woolfolk & the Rocketts: Strength Of Love Johnny Fay & the Blazers: Sweet Linda Brown Johnny Fuller: All Night Long The Excels: Let’s Dance James Wallis: Sheet Board Down Danny Howard: Two Lonely Weeks The Russell Brothers: Cupid


The Rialtos [feat. Freddie Thomas]: Like Thunder The Ox Tones: Mickey Hial King & his Newports: Death Valley Phil Baugh: Bumble Twist Ted Russell & his Rhythm Rockers: Brang / Real Cool The Astronauts: Blues Beat Uncle Hix & the Happy Six: “C” Boogie The Down Beats: Craig’s Crazy Boogie Freddy Countryman: The Raven / Back Up And Push Hayward Davis & his Quintet: Bubble Gum Rock The Deltones: Hit & Run The Jesters: Side Tract The Storms: Thunder The Titans: Reveille Rock The Devrons: Battle Hymn / Brand X The Monarchs: Friday Night The (Original) Rhythm Rockers: Madness The Tarantulas: Like Spellbound King Rock & the Knights: Scandal / Send-Di B. B. Cunningham: Pagan Rock The Rangers: Four On The Floor Tommy Hudson & the Savoys: Rock It The Prem Airs: Premier Rock The Savoys: Slappin’ Rods And Leaky Oil H. E. Ferrell & his No. 1 Boys: She Giggles Bobby Nelson Quartet: Dum Drums


Colleen Frazier [feat. Sparky Frazier]: You’re Mama’s Here Tonight’s The Night Norma Shearer:The Acorn Sisters [Goldie, Rosemarie & Evelyn]: Real Gone Donna Darlene: You’re Not Doin’ Me Right Linda Leigh & the Treasure Tones: My Guy Bernadette: The Slosh Francine York: The Enlistment Twist Sandra Peters: Rock Away My Blues Ceci Julian with Vic Corwin & his Orchestra: Rock Right Sylvia Jean: No No (Twist) Fay Darling: Funny Bunny Carolyn Gabbard: Indian Rock Jan Lawhon: A Lot To Learn About Love Lorelei Lynn with the Sparkles: Rock ‘A’ Bop Emmy Oro: A Fish House Function Bunny Paul: Sweet Talk / History Colleen Carson [Music By Sandy Stanton & The Swinging Strings]: Going Going Gone Jodie Decker: Heartbreak Joe Margaret Lewis: Birmingham Valley Blues Carole Riley: Cadillac Lover Priscilla Bowman: A Spare Man Terry Dean: Dream Boy (Oh, Oh, Oh) Vicky Vaughn: Love Fever Bella Lee: Two Timin’ Man Lois Lee: I’ve Got It Bad For You Baby Linda Carr & the Impossibles: Happy Teenager Dorie Sudduth: You’re No Good For Me Bettie Marie: Blue Smoke Carolyn Bennett: So Sad To Bad

2003 - ICE COLD

The Dazzlers: Gee Whiz / Somethin' Baby Johnny Garmon & the Shadows: You’re Wrong Marlon ‘Madman’ Mitchell & the Rocketeers: Ice Cold Baby / Bermuda Shorts Don Murphy & the Hi-Liters: Mean Mama Blues The Chaparrals: Sweet Lies / Poor Gal Sonny Steele: Mine, Mine, Mine / Sweet Ways About You The Travelers: Teenage Machine Age Roray Reid with his Honky Tonk Band: Mad Lovin’ Melvin Morris: Heartaches Of A Love Untrue Tom Wayne: Ruth Ann Jackie Clark: Walkie Talkie / Pajama Party Eddie McGlin: She’s My Queen The Dotson Brothers with Rockette Band: My Baby Andy Anderson & the Dawnbreakers: Tough Tough Tough The Flames: Making Time / Letti Lu The Royal Drifters: Da Kind Jody Daniel: Miss Secretary Rocky Jones: Mule Skinner Blues Chuck Dockery: Let’s Dance / Rock While We Ride Bobby Page: Hippy-Ti-Yo Rex & Herb: Come Back Big Bertha Bobby Everhart: Little Girl Ronnie Brent: Shirley Ann


Aubrey Cagle: Rock A Billy Boy [unissued] Bob Leers: Instant Love Lefty King & his Rangers [Jimmy Clee Vocal]: I’m Losing You Jack Smedley & the Melody Makers: Sweet Sue Ann Gordon Sizemore with Johnnie James, Casey Jones: Waddlin’ Mama Dale Oliver: Long Gone Daddy L. C. Smith: Let The Big Times Roll Uncle Hix & the Happy Six: The Big Man Blues Bob & Jerry: Who’s Gonna Cry For Me Clinton O’Neal & the Country Drifters: Big Bad Wolf Ted Creekmore: I Just Got Love Bug Bit Stan Korb: Give Me Your Love Buddy Phillips with the Rockin’ Ramblers: Coffee Baby Jimmy Graham: Rudy Tudy Baby Fred Thompson: Please Be Fair Cecil McCullough with the Border Boys: Pick’em Up And Shake’em Up Denver Bill (Clarke) & his Ranch Hands: My Bird Dog Kenny McKennon & his Blue Cats: Call Your Daddy, Baby James Dotson: Hi Lift Romeo Sullivan & the Serenaders: Haunting Rhythm Gene Henslee: Dig’n And Datin’ Warren Robbe: My Chicken Pen / Single Man Jay Earls & the Holston River Boys: Baby I’m Lonesome Alton Delmore: Good Times In Memphis Doug Amerson with Peck Gregory and his Dude Cowboys: Bop, Man, Bop Danny Keebler: Matchbox Johnny Burnette: You’re Undecided Walter (Arkie) Bittle & his Flying Saucers: Jitterbug Drag Orden Sexton: Rock-A-Way