Freitag, 22. Februar 2008


The forerunner of Buffalo Bop were Bison Bop Vinyl Longplayer. They lasted for 65 Volumes and included some 867 tracks, only just one double. Actually there were 64 Volumes. But in the early new millenium Dee-Jay-Records decided to release one final vinyl.

Now - here you have a PDF-Document with the entire stuff ever released on Bison Bop. The file is a) listed by artists, b) listed by songs and c) listed by cat-numbers. I have left blank the fields for label/no and year, so you can fill in the gaps yourself.
The records itself had some errors referring to the right spelling of artists and tracks; I don't have them corrected. Also some artists were named as singer, obviously the record label say it is a group of course, or reverse. Such mistakes are not really confusing, but I thought you should think about, before worry.

Password for the Doc-file to be found in the comment of the archive.

This PDF was made by my close friend of Germany, who knows everything about Buffalo Bop / Bison Bop. For more details you can research the net for another PDF-file, which is more accurate and detailed, because you'll find at last everything you need.