Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009


The Tempests: Lemon Time / Midnight / Count Down The Rhythm Rockers: R. R. Boogie The Viscounts: Chug-A-Lug / Dig The Rebel Rousers: War Paint The Flintales: Flintales Rock The Fabulous Playboys: Shortnin’ Bread The Marlins: Let Down / Saw Will Run The Royaltones: Poor Boy / Wail! The Polaras: Breaker The Rhythmics [Dave, Art, Steve, Bill]: Comin’ Through / Besame Mucho The Countdowns: Do It The Savoys: Razorback Jay Brown & the Jets: Hanky-Panky / Rockin’ The Guitar Alfreda Mendieta & his Guitar: Chicken Run The Ree-Gents: Downshiftin’ Al Allen: Egghead Jay Bee & the Kats: Tension The Scavengers: Curfue The Bel-Tones: Breaktime Mitch Wayne & the United Sounds: Shazam #1 Jimmie Volk [Recorded By The Matched Aces]: Spring Time Rock


Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell: Duck Tail The Valiants with Jim Bing: Mutha The Creep: I’m Wise / Betty Lou’s Got A New Tattoo Danny Ezba: Dirty, Dirty Feeling Don Martin: Everybody’s Got A Girl (But Me) Al Casey: If I Told You The Tampellas: I Love Girls D. G. Williams & the Delta Raiders: Night Time Honk The Rocks: Terri Victor: Stop A Knockin’ The Fabulous Wanderers: I’m A Road Runner The Passions: Mercy, Little Baby Doug Bowles: Shake Loose The Trend-Els: Don’t You Hear Me Calling Baby Gene Morris & the Pages: Lovin’ Honey The Little Boppers: Chattanooga Drummer Man Rudy Dozier [Featuring Vince Tamburo]: Wicked Adrian Lloyd with Adrian & the Sunsets: Justine The Jet Tones: Henry The Starlighters: Wicked Ruby / Cindy Lee Larry O’Keefe: Rolling Stone Freddie Fender: Mean Woman Gene Davis: I’ve Had It, I’m Through The Thunder Rocks: What’s The Word The Fabulous Swing Tones: Jimbo Twist Hasil Adkins & his One Man Band: Ducken


The Rock-A-Beats: Little Chickie Jerry & the Del-Fi’s: Little Suzanne Jim Francis & the Moderns: Travelin’ Joey Vee & the Raiders: A Place Called Love Lee Becker Played By The Epkon’s: Bettylou Tommy Fowler & the Coeds: My Pretty Baby Gene King & his Mecaton Band: T.V. Show Bobby Lane: You Shake Me Bobby McDowell: Lonely Jay Price: Hold Me The Fabulous Thunderbolts: My Girl Sue Leroy & the Continentals: Continental Bop Johnny Hughes: Junior High Doll Skip Morris with Doug Charles & the Boogie Kings: Talk To Your Daughter Lafay Hawkins: I Never Had A Girl Danial Bridges with the Blue Flames: Oh Happy Day Link Davis & the Cajuns: Permit Blues Willie Phelps: Mazie Jimmy Hufton & his Hot Shots: Brown Eyed Beaulea / Shiver And Shake Red West: Ain’t Nobody Gonna Take My Place Larry Lindsay & the Lads: Please Please Baby The Night Hawks: You’re My Baby Skeet Williams & the Swing Kings: Mary Jane The Decades: It’ll Be Me Jim Howard [Vocal Dickie Birdland]: Jimbo Twist Rob & the Rhythm Aces [Featuring Bryan Evert]: You’ve Gone Too Far Bobby & the Bangals: Double Rock