Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008


Don & the Galaxiex: Avalanche / Sundown Norman Moon: Blue Diddle The Invaders: Invasion The Handclappers: Three Gassed Rats The Tremolos: Riglolo Rock The Tempos: Sham-Rock / It’s Tough Gene Bianco: Alarm Clock Rock The Twisters: Speed Limit / Count Down 1-2-3 Jonnie & the Cyclones: Twisted Fender / Scrub Bucket The Crown T’s: Pickin’ Cotton Jack & the Ripper Z: Heart Attack The Monterays: Turtle Ronnie Robens & the Mai-Kais: Grazin’ The Raging Storms: Hound Dog The Raiders: (It’s A) Stick Shift Feddie & the Heartaches: Womp - Womp The Dell Tones: Head’s Up The Originals: Comanche! / Night Flight The Commanders: Blackout Bob Vidone & the Rhythm Rockers: Weird The Paragons: Scramble The Crazy Crickets: Honey Walk The Highlights: Studio Blues Jimmy & the Gems: The Big Rumble


Dwain Bell & the Turner Brothers: Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night Gene Criss & the Hep Cats: Hep Cat Baby / I Don’t Know Bluegrass Ervin [Vern Kendrick-Steel, Don Cato-Fiddle]: I Won’t Cry Alone Cliff Blakeley: Want To Be With You / High Steppin’ The Maddy Brothers: Mixed Up Billie Luke & his Southern Serenaders: Long Time No See Coy Werley & the Travelers: Rock Bottom Luck Walton & the Silver Lake Boys: Man What A Party The Rhythm Playboys [Vocal Dewey Rothering]: Wild Side Of Life Harold Crosby: Big Big Truck Carl Tanner & his Southern Pine Boys: Sweet Talking Baby Winnie Parker with the Rhythm Maniacs: Down Boy Boogie Earl Epps: Be-Bop Blues Deral Clour & Charley Drake: Sundown (Boogie) Dusty Payne [With Dusty Payne’s Rhythm Rockers]: My Walkin’ Shoes / I Want You Tim Dinkins & his Texas Cut Ups: Cattin’ Tonight Dickie Damron: Gonna Have A Party Hank Mathews: Alabama Boogie Gene Smith: I’m Gone Bill Johnson: Pitchin’ Woo Jack Barlow: Step Down Curley Money & his Rolling Ramblers: Stop Your Knockin’ / Many Tears Ago Cuddles C. Newsome: One Little Kiss George Garrish & the J. B. Combo: All Night Dinner Buddy Crawford: Velvet Heart Norm Seachrist: Big Beat


Frankie Taro with Ivan Gregory & the Bluenotes: Susy Ann Carroll (Wild Red) Pegues with Ray & Red and the Bi-Stones: Rhythm Feet Bob Osburn: Baby Lou Don Hopkins: Little Miss Pretty / There’s No Way To Treat Your Girl Dick Mason [Music By The High Fives]: Cool Cats Gary Shelton: My Hero Al Turnage & the Turnpikes: Hollywood Rock Mondo: Red Lips Ray Burden with Wayne Johnson On Guitar: Sweet Lou From Lou Robin Lee & the Lavenders: Pretty Patti Houston & Dorsey: Green Door Mackey Beers & The Rockitts: Lorie Lee Jay Haggard with Jubileers Band: I Want You Now Honey Doll / I Will Ask, I Will Plead Gary & the Detonators: I Want Dance The Rhythm Addicts [Vocal By Carl Frey]: If You’re Square / Hey Whatcha Say Baby Donnie Dean [Accompanied By The ‘D’ Notes]: Frankie & Johnny Johnny Gosey: I Lost My Baby Johnny Redd: Rockin’ With Ruby Joe The Shaker & the Playboys: You Pretty Baby Doyle Madden with Merl Lindsay’s Oklahoma Nightriders: Gonna Learn To Rock Angie Garcia: Hi Yo Silver Tiny Lyman & his Jukes: Mary Jane The Thunderbirds: Flying Saucers Gus Colletti: At The Rock & Roll Party The Spirals: Baby? You Just Wait Herb & Rex with Harlan County Trio [Vocal Herb Smith]: Baby Don’t Leave Me Wally Biniak: Weekend Girl

Freitag, 22. Februar 2008


The forerunner of Buffalo Bop were Bison Bop Vinyl Longplayer. They lasted for 65 Volumes and included some 867 tracks, only just one double. Actually there were 64 Volumes. But in the early new millenium Dee-Jay-Records decided to release one final vinyl.

Now - here you have a PDF-Document with the entire stuff ever released on Bison Bop. The file is a) listed by artists, b) listed by songs and c) listed by cat-numbers. I have left blank the fields for label/no and year, so you can fill in the gaps yourself.
The records itself had some errors referring to the right spelling of artists and tracks; I don't have them corrected. Also some artists were named as singer, obviously the record label say it is a group of course, or reverse. Such mistakes are not really confusing, but I thought you should think about, before worry.

Password for the Doc-file to be found in the comment of the archive.

This PDF was made by my close friend of Germany, who knows everything about Buffalo Bop / Bison Bop. For more details you can research the net for another PDF-file, which is more accurate and detailed, because you'll find at last everything you need.

Samstag, 26. Januar 2008


Vol. 1 - The Four Kings: One Night Karl Hammel Jr.: Sittin’ Alphabeticly The Inspirations: The Genie The Coronets: I’m All Alone The Contenders: (I Love You) Hetta Hetta Jay Fanning: Church Bells The Visuals: My Juanita The Glowtones: The Girl I Love Don Dell & the Up Starts: A Special Love The Viscounts: Raindrop The Sentimentals: You’re Mine The Unique Teens: At The Ball The Deans: I Don’t Want To Wait (Just For Saturday Night) Joey Dee: The Girl I Walk To School The Caslons: Anniversary Of Love The Sensations: Don’t Take Your Love The Belvedeers: Let’s Get Married The Castaleers: You’re My Dream The Fabulaires: Lonely Days, Lonely Nights The Versatiles: Passing By The Standards: Hello Love The Shallows: Wrecking My Love The Juveniles: Beat In My Heart The Royal Lancers: Oh Little Girl The Rogues: It's True The Creators: There's Going To Be An Angel

Vol. 2 - The Visuals: The Submarine Race The Del Rays: The One I Adore Richie Cordell: Tick Tock Danny Winchell: Come Back My Baby The Melodeers: Wishing Is For Fools Lonnie Heard: A Sunday Kind Of Love The Daybreakers: Up, Up And Away Steve Gibson & the Red Caps: Cheryl Lee Jimmy Allen & the Two Jays: My Girl Is A Pearl Nickie & the Nite Lites: Tell Me You Care The Cupids: (If You Cry) True Love True Love The Kac-Ties: Donald Duck Don Dell & the Up Starts: Time The Royal Jokers: Do-Re-Mi Rock The Scamps: Yes My Baby Marc Cavell & the Classmates: I Didn’t Lie The Volumes: Teenage Paradise The Jiving Juniors: Moonlight Lover The Rivals: Rigetty Tick The Five Playboys: Why Be A Fool Jay & the Deltas: Bells Are Ringing The Dories: Stompin Sh-Boom Lenny Dean & the Rockin’ Chairs: Memories Of Love The Lanes: Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In)

Vol. 3 - Nicky St. Claire & the 5 Trojans: I Hear Those Bells The Cubs: Why Did You Make Me Cry The Marcels: Bells Tony Dell: My Girl The Montereys: Branchin’ Out The Charades: Make Me Happy Baby The Visions: All Through The Night The Reminiscents: For Your Love Frankie Rossi & the Dreams: Around The Corner The Stereos: Doodle-Ee-Do Rick & the Masters: I Don’t Want Your Love The Matadors: Perfidia Raymond Pope & the Love Tones: Star The Creations: I’ve Got A Feeling The Roamers: Chop Chop Ching A Ling The Acorns: Angel The Cameos: Please Love Me The Underbeats: Book Of Love The Pharaos: Head Up, High Hopes The Penguins: I Knew I’d Fall In Love The Paramounts: Girl Friend Nino & the Ebb Tides: Tell The World I Do The Crowns: Kiss And Make Up The Valrays: Yo me pregunto (I Ask Myself) The Young Lions: Little Girl The T-Birds: Nobody But You

Vol. 4 - The Derbys: Night After Night Gregory Howard & the Cadillacs: When In Love The Flairs: Steppin’ Out The Del-Airs: I’m Lonely The G-Clefs: Darla, My Darling Dave T (Del Rays): Scooter Town Richard Lanham: On Your Radio Ronnie Height: So Young, So Wise The Fortuneers: Look A’ There The Team Mates: Never Believed In Love The Accents: Rags To Riches The Jumpin’ Tones: Grandma’s Hearing Aid The Fantasys: Why? Oh Why? The Mellodeers: The Letter The Beatles: The Girl I Love Tex & the Chex: (Love Me) Now The Chancellors: There Goes My Girl The Cupids: Little Girl Of Mine The Softwinds: Oh Baby The Troys: Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling Lou Martino: Someone To Watch Over Me Dino & the Diplomats: Hush-A-Bye My Love The Elites: Northern Star The El Capris: Ivy League Clean The Chips: Darling (I Need Your Love) The Jets: Soul Dinner

Vol. 5 - The Spirals: Please Be My Love The Tokays: Fatty-Boom-Bi-Laddy The Stratfords: Promise Her Anything (But Give Her Love) The Caslons: Settle Me Down The Defenders: I Laughed So Hard The Blue Sonnets: Thank You Mr. Moon The Techniques: Marindy The Dedications: Shining Star Kenny Loran: Magic Star The Crescents: When You Wish Upon A Star The Del-Larks: Lady Love The Boulevards: Chop Chop Hole In The Wall The Van Dykes: Run Betty Run The Squires: Dangling With My Heart The Teardrops: My Inspiration The Inspirations: Good Bye The Five Kings: Light Bulb The Raindrops: I Remember In The Still Of The Nite The Wonders: I’ll Write A Book Rick & the Masters: Here Comes Nancy Donnie & the Dreamers: Carole The Paramounts: When You Dance The Sedates: I Found The Hollywood Flames: Gee The Six Teens: Send Me Flowers LaVerne Ray & the Raytones: I’ve Got That Feeling

Vol. 6 - Richie & the Ryals: Be My Girl The Pretenders: Ding Dong Bells The Preludes: Starlight The Contels: Hey You The Kaptions: Dreaming Of You Tony Morra & the Do-Wel’s: Looking For My Baby The Chantiers: Peppermint The Velvet Keys: My Baby’s Gone Billy Porto: Ruby Ruby The Rocketeers: Talk It Over Baby The Regents: Liar The Mello-Tones: I’m Gonna Get (What I Came For Last Night) Bill Baker & the Chestnuts: Tell me Little Darling The Goldbugs: Stop That Wedding Ricky & the Vacels: Bubble Gum The Runaways: Kangaroo Hop The Sentimentals: A Sunday Kind Of Love The Tangents: Send Me Something Jimmy & the Towers: One More Chance The Veltones: Fool In Love Ralph DeMarco: More Than Riches Richie: Yvonne The Four Cheers: Fatal Charms Of Love The Parktowns: The Day Will Never Come

Vol. 7 - Ernie & the Halos: The Girl From Across The Sea The Velons: Shelly The Stagehands: Hello Dolly The Reminiscents: Zoom Zoom Zoom The Grand Prees: Alone The Tremonts: Believe My Heart The Fabulous Flames: Josephine Little Victor & the Vistas: Love The Hi-Lites: I’m Falling In Love Little Sammy Rozzi: Over The Rainbow The Dynamics: Delsinia The Rivieras: Together Forever The Jewels: Pearlie Mae The Medallions: Love That Girl The Spinners: Richard Pry, Private Eye The Invictas: Nellie The Chanticleers: Daddy Must Be The Wonders: Well Now The Note-Torials: My Valerie The Reflections: In The Still Of The Nite The Caravelles: Twistin’ Marie The Premiers: I Think I Love The Classic IV: What Will I Do The Caravelles: Flip Side The Del Rays: Around The Corner Bobby Roy & the Chord-A-Roys: Girls Were Made For Boys

Vol. 8 - The Five Trojans: Alone In This World The Starfires: Love Is Here To Stay Buddy Roberts & the Hi Liters: Ding Dong The Serenaders: I Wrote A Letter Jo-Ann: Baby Doll The Exceptions: Down By The Ocean Donnie & the Dreamers: My Memories Of You The Episodes: Where Is My Love Toby Grogan: Angel Gabriel & the Angels: Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart The Fairlanes: Playboy The Songspinners: Duffy The Reactions: Just A Little Love John Capri & the Fabulous Four: When I’m Lonely The Starfires: Each Night At Nine The Skylites: Oh happy Day The Personalities: Woe Woe Baby The Possessions: No More Love The Gleams: You Broke My Heart The Tangiers: Ping Pong The V Classics: Come On Baby The Ultimates: I Can Tell You Love Don Dell & the Montereys: Make Believe Love Benn Zeppa & the Four Jacks: Why Do Fools Fall In Love The Kings: Come On Little Baby Julito & the Latin Lads: Nunca (Never)

Vol. 9 - Gary & the Knight Lites: Will You Go Steady The Monorays: My Guardian Angel The Fantastics: This Is My Wedding Day The Larks: There Is A Girl The Dedications: Mary Lou Bobby Capri: One sided Love Billy & the Essentials: Lonely Weekend The Diadems: Why Don’t You Believe Me The Del-Larks: Remember The Night The Blen-Dells: Forever The Tides: Who Told You The Jades: Walking Along The Chants: I Could Write A Book The Windsors: Keep My From Crying The Dappers: We’re In Love The Victorians: Please Say You Do The Len-Dells: Litterbug The Dreamers: Natalie The Academics: Somethin’ Cool Lori Wood & the Belmonts: But That Was Long Ago Ronnie Mathews: The Week Is Over Tony Dee & the Pageants: Make You My Queen Sammy Hagan & the Viscounts: Wild Bird The Lyrics: The Girl I Love The Kings: Let Me Know The Coronets: Baby’s Coming Home

Vol. 10 - The Unique Echos: Zoom The Hi-Fives: How Can I Win Ronnie & the Hi-Lites: The Fact Of The Matter Little Tom & the Valentines: School Girl The Altairs: Groovie Time The Enchanters: There Goes The Dell-Vikings: I Hear Bells The Reflections: Rocket To The Moon The Five Sounds: Good Time Baby Rick & the Keens: Peanuts The Sandpipers: Ali Baba Richie & the Royals: We’re Strollin’ The Del Cades: World’s Fair USA Jeff, Jim & Jan: Star Bright The Four Cheers: Perrinwinkle Blue The Glenwoods: Elaine Jimmy J & the J’s: Please Be My Girlfriend The Five Stars: Hey Juanita The Comic Books: Manuel The Del-Airs: Lost My Job The El Reys: Beverly The Parakeets: Shangri-La The Swinging Hearts: Something Made To Stop The Classmates: Pretty Little Pet The Teen Tones: Gypsy Boogie The Preludes: Oh Please, Genie

Vol. 11 - The Marx: One Minute More Billy Gallant & the Roulettes: Scribbling On The Wall Lee Adrian with the Rochester Collegiates: School Is Over The Spiedels: No The Blendairs: My Love Is Just For You The Irridescents: Hey There Ernie Maresca: Please Be Fair The Robins: White Cliffs Of Dover The Singing Roulettes: Hasten Jason The Corvairs: Sing A Song Of Sixpence The Squires: Can’t Believe That You’ve Grown Up The Mood Makers: Dolores The Blends: Now It’s Your Turn The Edsels: Rama Lama Ding Dong alt. The Impressors: Do You Love Her Linda Carr & the Impossibles: Happy Teenager The Devotions: Teardrops Follow Me Freddy Schaefer: Zoom Zoom Zoom The Del-Chords: Say That You Love Me The Hideaways: Lovin’ Time The Royal Jesters: Never Will Forget The Five Shits: Dreaming Of You The Five Playboys: She’s My Baby The Emerald City Bandits: Come On Oz The Kappas: Sweet Juanita The Escorts: Gaudeamus

Vol. 12 - Ray Allen & the Upbeats: Sweet Lorraine The Treble Chords: Teresa The Tassels: The Boy For Me The Elegants: Dressin’ Up Eddie Cari: Wishing Time Nicky Como: Your Guardian Angel The Four Temptations: Cathy The Whirlwinds: Heartbeat The Suburbans: I Remember The Darrells: Without Warning The Vines: Love So Sweet The Harmony Grits: Gee Tony & the Raindrops: While Walking The Companios: These Folish Things Arthur & the Corvets: I Believe Little Joe & the Thrillers: I Love You For Sentimental Reasons Bobby & the Counts: Tra-La-La (I’m So Happy) The Tassels: My Guy And I The Orbits: Mr. Hard Luck The King Bees: Lovely Love The Del Rays: Lily Maybelle Scott Stevens & the Cavaliers: Why, Why, Why The Castaleers: My Baby’s All Right The Charters: This Makes Me Mad The Visions: Secret World (Of Tears) The Aqua-Nites: Carioca

Vol. 13 - Flash & the Memphis Casuals: I Promise To Remember The Tridels: Land Of Love The Paramounts: When I Dream The Visions: Tell Me You’re Mine The Rendezvous: It Breaks My Heart Jerry Evans & the Off Keys: Oh Little Girl The Hide-A-Ways: I’m Coming Home M. R. Baseman & the Symbols: Rip Van Winkle The Cyclones: Say What? The Montereys: So Deep Steve Gibson & the Red Caps: It’s Love S&H Scamps: Sassy The Five Embers: I’m Free The Interiors: Love You Some More Ronnie Madison: Here I Stand The Uniques: It’s Got To Come From Your Heart The Originales: Bandstand Sound The Sonnets: Oh Judy The Savoys: Oh Gee Oh Gosh The El Domingos: Lucky Me I’m In Love Johnny Blake & the Cippers: Bella Marie The Gales: Baby Come Home Sonny Vito & the Four J’s: Put ‘em Down Joe The Jo-Vals: I Want You (To Be My Girl) Ronnie Jones & the Classmates: My Baby Cries Jimmy Gale Quartet: School Is Over

Vol. 14 - The Gates: Wrapped In Green, Made For A Teen The Arc-Angels: Little Wheel The Reminiscents: Cards Of Love The Catalina Six: Sweet Baby Please Come Home The Clientelles: Church Bells May Ring The Paramounts: Christopher Columbus Terry Hull & the Starfires: Those Pretty Brown Eyes The Tempests: Never Let You Go Mike Lawing & the Dissonaires: One Love The Premiers: Angel Love The Mistics: Memories Joyce Heath & the Privateers: Honor Roll Of Love The Velvet Keys: Let's Stay After School Tex & the Chex: Be On The Lookout For My Girl The Values: That's The Way The Astro-Jets: Hide And Seek Billy The Kid & the Supremes: You Are Mine The Termites: Carrie Lou The Statlers: Vicki Allen George: I Won't Cry Barry & Bob & the Stereos: Music, Music, Music Jeb Stuart: Ichaban Jason Steve Gibson & the Red Caps: Itty-Bitty The Vets: Natural Born Lover The Epics: Baltimore Jay Jay & the Selectones: Humpty Dumpty The Toreadors: Do You Remember Part II