Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009


The Tempests: Lemon Time / Midnight / Count Down The Rhythm Rockers: R. R. Boogie The Viscounts: Chug-A-Lug / Dig The Rebel Rousers: War Paint The Flintales: Flintales Rock The Fabulous Playboys: Shortnin’ Bread The Marlins: Let Down / Saw Will Run The Royaltones: Poor Boy / Wail! The Polaras: Breaker The Rhythmics [Dave, Art, Steve, Bill]: Comin’ Through / Besame Mucho The Countdowns: Do It The Savoys: Razorback Jay Brown & the Jets: Hanky-Panky / Rockin’ The Guitar Alfreda Mendieta & his Guitar: Chicken Run The Ree-Gents: Downshiftin’ Al Allen: Egghead Jay Bee & the Kats: Tension The Scavengers: Curfue The Bel-Tones: Breaktime Mitch Wayne & the United Sounds: Shazam #1 Jimmie Volk [Recorded By The Matched Aces]: Spring Time Rock


Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell: Duck Tail The Valiants with Jim Bing: Mutha The Creep: I’m Wise / Betty Lou’s Got A New Tattoo Danny Ezba: Dirty, Dirty Feeling Don Martin: Everybody’s Got A Girl (But Me) Al Casey: If I Told You The Tampellas: I Love Girls D. G. Williams & the Delta Raiders: Night Time Honk The Rocks: Terri Victor: Stop A Knockin’ The Fabulous Wanderers: I’m A Road Runner The Passions: Mercy, Little Baby Doug Bowles: Shake Loose The Trend-Els: Don’t You Hear Me Calling Baby Gene Morris & the Pages: Lovin’ Honey The Little Boppers: Chattanooga Drummer Man Rudy Dozier [Featuring Vince Tamburo]: Wicked Adrian Lloyd with Adrian & the Sunsets: Justine The Jet Tones: Henry The Starlighters: Wicked Ruby / Cindy Lee Larry O’Keefe: Rolling Stone Freddie Fender: Mean Woman Gene Davis: I’ve Had It, I’m Through The Thunder Rocks: What’s The Word The Fabulous Swing Tones: Jimbo Twist Hasil Adkins & his One Man Band: Ducken


The Rock-A-Beats: Little Chickie Jerry & the Del-Fi’s: Little Suzanne Jim Francis & the Moderns: Travelin’ Joey Vee & the Raiders: A Place Called Love Lee Becker Played By The Epkon’s: Bettylou Tommy Fowler & the Coeds: My Pretty Baby Gene King & his Mecaton Band: T.V. Show Bobby Lane: You Shake Me Bobby McDowell: Lonely Jay Price: Hold Me The Fabulous Thunderbolts: My Girl Sue Leroy & the Continentals: Continental Bop Johnny Hughes: Junior High Doll Skip Morris with Doug Charles & the Boogie Kings: Talk To Your Daughter Lafay Hawkins: I Never Had A Girl Danial Bridges with the Blue Flames: Oh Happy Day Link Davis & the Cajuns: Permit Blues Willie Phelps: Mazie Jimmy Hufton & his Hot Shots: Brown Eyed Beaulea / Shiver And Shake Red West: Ain’t Nobody Gonna Take My Place Larry Lindsay & the Lads: Please Please Baby The Night Hawks: You’re My Baby Skeet Williams & the Swing Kings: Mary Jane The Decades: It’ll Be Me Jim Howard [Vocal Dickie Birdland]: Jimbo Twist Rob & the Rhythm Aces [Featuring Bryan Evert]: You’ve Gone Too Far Bobby & the Bangals: Double Rock

Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

2009 - TEEN SCENE VOL. 6

Stan Robinson: Boom-A-Dip-Dip / My Heart Beats Shorty Sergent: Record Hop John Ashley [With Earl Palmer And Band]: Let Yourself Go-Go-Go Bob Davies [Orchestra Hugh Dixon & The Dollars]: With You Tonight / Rock’n Roll Show Lee Chandler & the Blue Rhythms: Tree Top The Boppin’ Billies: Key Of Love The Pell Brothers: Itch To Leave Johnny Boni & his Triumphs: First Prom Dick Dale: We’ll Never Hear The End Of It Vernon Derrick: Seven Come Eleven Johnny Angel: Teen-Age Wedding Canadian Bell-Tones: Funny Little Girl Chuck Atha: Me And My Baby Jimmy Evans: Messy Bessy Bobby Comstock & the Counts: Sunny Mike Harris: Divine Bob & Larry: Tell Me You Love Me Rick Harrington with Gene Dunlap & the Jokers: While You’re Young Al & Jet: C’mon Baby Dean & Marc: Tell Him No The Spades: Fatty Patty Jim Alley & the Alley Cats: The Great Pretender Pat LaRocca with the Bellatones Ork: Rowena Rocky Holman with Morty Wise & the Wiseman: Broken Love Dick Armstrong [Music By Rollins And Orchestra]: Teen Age Heart Dan Smith & the Planeteers: Dream Love


Jr. Warren: Rock And Roll Fever / I Gotta Keep Moving Jim Eden: Loneliness / Just A Friend Jack Morris [Music By The Night Owls]: Four Wheel Bungalow Ron McLeod & the Lincoln County Boys: Don’t Come Crying Bubba Litrell: Ain’t That Cool Rex Zario: She’s My Curly Headed Baby Red Martin: Keep A Movin’ Red Lewis with the Rockin Robins: I’ll Move Along Pete Peters: I’ve Got That Blue And Rainy Day Feelin’ Stanley James: Alligator Man Billy Wagner: Hey Mama Don Ray with the “High Steppers”: Step Aside (And Let A Good Man Pass) Al Oster: 918 Miles [unissued] Henry McPeak: When You Kiss Me Jack Reno [Arranged And Conducted By Ray Stevens]: Nine Stitches Donald Beal & Carolina Wranglers: That’s What’s Making You Cry George Wilhite: Beggin’ To Please Keith Anderson & the Western Gentlemen: I Need A Hit Paul Seipp & the Rhythemaries: Little Gray Shack Jimmy Johnson: Woman Love / All Dressed Up Lloyd McCullough: Half My Fault Johnny Gee Guiles & the Border Vagabonds: Just Call On Me Glen Barber: Ice Water Archie Poe & his Rim Rock Boys: Big City


Johnny Burnette Trio: The Train Kept A-Rollin’ / Lonesome Train Cecil Foutch & the Keys: Big Wheel Eddie Cletro: Lonesome Train Boogie Lenny & the Thundertones: Thunder Express Maddox Brothers & Rose: Old Black Choo-Choo Ronnie Murray: Train Train Freddy Jacobs [Orchestra Conducted By Sonny Weiss]: Lonesome Train The Champs: Tough Train Jerry Pitts & the Rhythm Makers: Keep Ole Central Rolling Jimmy Starr & the Starlings: Gonna Take An Express Train Bradley Boys: Evil Train Sonny Miller & the Happy Valley Boys: Richmond, Chicago, Mexico And Home The Starfires: Chartreuse Caboose Carlton Norris & the Country Stars: Steel Wheels Kenny Owens: Hey Porter Lee Emerson: Catch That Train Johnny “T” Talley: Lonesome Train Ramsey Kearney: Lonesome Train [unissued] Curly Lee: They Call Me A Hobo The Expresso’s: Teenage Express Johnny Cash: Locomotion Man Johnny Horton: Big Wheels Rollin’ Jimmie Dale: Tennessee Ghost Train Hugh Barrett: Choo-Choo Twist Jim Sebastian: Wreck Of Old 97

2009 - WICKED

Mike Sanchez & the Rock-A-Tones: Wicked Gene Maltais: Lovemakin’ / The Bug Ronnie Allen [Vocal And Piano]: Flip Over You Eddie Thorpe: I’ll Be Different Curtis Wilson: Cash & Carry Heart [unissued] Jimmy Breedlove: Jealous Fool / Li’l Ol’ Me Gene Dunlap & Jokers: Made In The Shade Mark Robinson: Pretty Jane Tommy Lane with Tommy Sheridan & Ork: My Baby Like To Rock And Roll Andy Anderson: You Shake Me Up Augie Rios: Hop, Skip & Jump The Sundowners: Snake Eyed Woman Max Alexander & the Hi-Fi Combo: Little Rome / Rock, Rock, Rock Everybody Ronnie Wilson & Jerry Woodard: Let’s Make History Fred Mick & the Kingsmen: Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do / Daddy-O-Goose Tyrone Schmidling: Honey Don’t Tex Atchison: Tennessee Hound Dog The Outlaws: Ain’t Got No Home Vernon Derrick: Let Go Your Love Little Girl The Fairviews: Ya Gotta Be Real Good Baby Eddie Daniels: Whoa - Whoa Baby Charles Alexander: Petty Blue Johnny Amelio with the Downbeats: Downbeats Eddie Cochran: I Got The Feeling [Radio Broadcast]

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009


Toni: I Want You To Be My Baby Candy Williams: Maybe I Was Dreaming Lucy Rivera: Ific Jeri Lynn Sands: The Walking Beat Stormy Gayle: Flipsville Diana Lee: You Upset Me Laura Lee Perkins: Kiss Me Baby Pat Brown: Forbidden Fruit Marcy Davis: Full Moon Rock Kathy Dee: Trail Of Tears Susy Rose: Welfare Sugar Daddy / Let’s Have A Party Dottie Swan: Blue News Lonnie Mae with Gene & the Satellites: Record Hop Dream Cassidy Sisters with the Titantics: Rockin’ At The Hop The Velveteens: Baby Baby The Don Gils: Bad Bass Boogie Lola Dee with Lew Douglas & Ork: Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop The Martin Sisters: Don’t Run And Hide Julie Lang: Elvis Jo Ann Campbell: You’re Driving Me Mad / Wassa Matter With You Helen Bozeman: Sugar Baby Bette Laine: Rock-A-Bye Rock Bernadette & her Swingin’ Bears: Crazy Yogi The Angelos: Bad Motorcycle Sue Patrick & The Nomads: You Found A New Love


Jerry Woodard & The Cavaleers: Downbeat Tony March: Boston Bake Bean Baby Jimmy Thomason [With Jackie Kelso Ork]: Now Hear This Frank Virtuoso & The Virtues: Rollin’ An’ A Rockin’ Don Romano with the Billy Clay Miller Ork: One Note Rock Floyd Brown: What I Want Marcel St. Jean: The Big Black Jacket Tommy Fisher: Rock And Roll Robin Hood Buddy Lowe: Sherry Lee Gene Jenkins: Short Stuff Donnie Boyd: Li’l Girl, Lil’ Girl Don Crawford & The Escorts: Why Why Why Eddie Daniels: Playin’ Hide Go Seek Richard Chevalier with the Starlights: Hang My Tears On A Line Outside Doug Powell: Crazy Georgia Shake Chuck Hix & Count Downs: Loretta Ron & Joe And The Crew: Riot In Cell Block No. 9 Jerry Hammond: Move Over Rover Franklin Brothers: Wake Up (Little Boy Blue) / Day Dreaming Skip Milo: What’s Wrong With Me Clyde Pitts: The Lonely Side Of Town Johnny Gamble: Wicked Woman Bill & Ed And The Mountain Music Boys: Key Of Love Dino: Run Home Little Girl Jim Edgar & The Impalas: You’re Allright Pat & Dee: Gee Whiz The Tempests: Rockin’ Rochester U.S.A.

2008 - TEEN SCENE VOL. 5

Floyd Brown: Thunderbird Beach Roy Clark [Orchestra Direction Bobby Stevenson]: Puddin’ Johnny Hughes [12 Year Old]: Pretty Little Girl Gary Shelton: Don’t Send Me Away The Tune Tones: Lonesome Soul / She’s Right For Me Dave Lowe: So Young / A Tramp Ron & Joe and the Crew: Ain’t That Love Grand Don Crawford & the Escorts: Ugly Duckling Robin Lee & the Lavenders: Walk Away Roger Hamilton & the Tune Toppers: I Got A Ring Maynie & Howie: Patsy Darling Arlie Nevil: Angel Larry McKinzie with Buddy Roberts and his Space-Men: Chubie Dubie Ted & Johnny: Teenage Party Peter Colombo: Ain’t Cha Gonna Miss Me Stan Downey [Orchetra Under The Direction Of Morton Craft]: You Let Go The Rondels: Picture Of You Wally & Don: Please Don’t Vyril Sassoon: Red Ridin’ Hood Bobby Towers: Love To Go Bobby Doyle: Pauline Canadian Bel-Tones: Hey Doll! Jerry Hammond: Everybody’s Got A Baby The Rock-A-Tunes [feat. Butch McGillis]: Tomorrow Dino: Together You And Me Clyde Pitts: Baby Don’t Believe Him