Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008


Don & the Galaxiex: Avalanche / Sundown Norman Moon: Blue Diddle The Invaders: Invasion The Handclappers: Three Gassed Rats The Tremolos: Riglolo Rock The Tempos: Sham-Rock / It’s Tough Gene Bianco: Alarm Clock Rock The Twisters: Speed Limit / Count Down 1-2-3 Jonnie & the Cyclones: Twisted Fender / Scrub Bucket The Crown T’s: Pickin’ Cotton Jack & the Ripper Z: Heart Attack The Monterays: Turtle Ronnie Robens & the Mai-Kais: Grazin’ The Raging Storms: Hound Dog The Raiders: (It’s A) Stick Shift Feddie & the Heartaches: Womp - Womp The Dell Tones: Head’s Up The Originals: Comanche! / Night Flight The Commanders: Blackout Bob Vidone & the Rhythm Rockers: Weird The Paragons: Scramble The Crazy Crickets: Honey Walk The Highlights: Studio Blues Jimmy & the Gems: The Big Rumble


Dwain Bell & the Turner Brothers: Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night Gene Criss & the Hep Cats: Hep Cat Baby / I Don’t Know Bluegrass Ervin [Vern Kendrick-Steel, Don Cato-Fiddle]: I Won’t Cry Alone Cliff Blakeley: Want To Be With You / High Steppin’ The Maddy Brothers: Mixed Up Billie Luke & his Southern Serenaders: Long Time No See Coy Werley & the Travelers: Rock Bottom Luck Walton & the Silver Lake Boys: Man What A Party The Rhythm Playboys [Vocal Dewey Rothering]: Wild Side Of Life Harold Crosby: Big Big Truck Carl Tanner & his Southern Pine Boys: Sweet Talking Baby Winnie Parker with the Rhythm Maniacs: Down Boy Boogie Earl Epps: Be-Bop Blues Deral Clour & Charley Drake: Sundown (Boogie) Dusty Payne [With Dusty Payne’s Rhythm Rockers]: My Walkin’ Shoes / I Want You Tim Dinkins & his Texas Cut Ups: Cattin’ Tonight Dickie Damron: Gonna Have A Party Hank Mathews: Alabama Boogie Gene Smith: I’m Gone Bill Johnson: Pitchin’ Woo Jack Barlow: Step Down Curley Money & his Rolling Ramblers: Stop Your Knockin’ / Many Tears Ago Cuddles C. Newsome: One Little Kiss George Garrish & the J. B. Combo: All Night Dinner Buddy Crawford: Velvet Heart Norm Seachrist: Big Beat


Frankie Taro with Ivan Gregory & the Bluenotes: Susy Ann Carroll (Wild Red) Pegues with Ray & Red and the Bi-Stones: Rhythm Feet Bob Osburn: Baby Lou Don Hopkins: Little Miss Pretty / There’s No Way To Treat Your Girl Dick Mason [Music By The High Fives]: Cool Cats Gary Shelton: My Hero Al Turnage & the Turnpikes: Hollywood Rock Mondo: Red Lips Ray Burden with Wayne Johnson On Guitar: Sweet Lou From Lou Robin Lee & the Lavenders: Pretty Patti Houston & Dorsey: Green Door Mackey Beers & The Rockitts: Lorie Lee Jay Haggard with Jubileers Band: I Want You Now Honey Doll / I Will Ask, I Will Plead Gary & the Detonators: I Want Dance The Rhythm Addicts [Vocal By Carl Frey]: If You’re Square / Hey Whatcha Say Baby Donnie Dean [Accompanied By The ‘D’ Notes]: Frankie & Johnny Johnny Gosey: I Lost My Baby Johnny Redd: Rockin’ With Ruby Joe The Shaker & the Playboys: You Pretty Baby Doyle Madden with Merl Lindsay’s Oklahoma Nightriders: Gonna Learn To Rock Angie Garcia: Hi Yo Silver Tiny Lyman & his Jukes: Mary Jane The Thunderbirds: Flying Saucers Gus Colletti: At The Rock & Roll Party The Spirals: Baby? You Just Wait Herb & Rex with Harlan County Trio [Vocal Herb Smith]: Baby Don’t Leave Me Wally Biniak: Weekend Girl