Freitag, 19. Juni 2009


Jr. Warren: Rock And Roll Fever / I Gotta Keep Moving Jim Eden: Loneliness / Just A Friend Jack Morris [Music By The Night Owls]: Four Wheel Bungalow Ron McLeod & the Lincoln County Boys: Don’t Come Crying Bubba Litrell: Ain’t That Cool Rex Zario: She’s My Curly Headed Baby Red Martin: Keep A Movin’ Red Lewis with the Rockin Robins: I’ll Move Along Pete Peters: I’ve Got That Blue And Rainy Day Feelin’ Stanley James: Alligator Man Billy Wagner: Hey Mama Don Ray with the “High Steppers”: Step Aside (And Let A Good Man Pass) Al Oster: 918 Miles [unissued] Henry McPeak: When You Kiss Me Jack Reno [Arranged And Conducted By Ray Stevens]: Nine Stitches Donald Beal & Carolina Wranglers: That’s What’s Making You Cry George Wilhite: Beggin’ To Please Keith Anderson & the Western Gentlemen: I Need A Hit Paul Seipp & the Rhythemaries: Little Gray Shack Jimmy Johnson: Woman Love / All Dressed Up Lloyd McCullough: Half My Fault Johnny Gee Guiles & the Border Vagabonds: Just Call On Me Glen Barber: Ice Water Archie Poe & his Rim Rock Boys: Big City

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