Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010


Bo Ratliff & Country Kinfolk: Hey Hey Don’t Tease Me Bobby Lee: I Got Some News For You Charles Ross & his Boys From Paris: Little Bit Lonesome Dude Standphill: Out Honky Tonkin’ Again Art Ontario: Last Goodbye Bill Whittley [Accompanied By Pino Scott, Curly Cook, Bill Norton]: Fool Fool Fool Cleve Warnock: Boy And A Guitar Lonesome Willie Evans: Hillbilly Fever Carl Mann Trio: Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down Mike Clay: It’s Money Rick Johnson & the Chelette Sisters: Makin’ Up My Mind John Poole: Shakin’ Ana A Twisting Tommy Moreland: Playin’ Hide Go Seek Bill Zekie Browning: I’ll Pay You Back Leroy Wilkerson: Backfired Shorty Frog & his Space Cats: Sheddin’ Tears Over You Curley Griffin: Rock Bottom Blues Johnny Huskey & the King Bee’s: Red Dress Russel Spears: Beggin’ Time Jimmy Simpson & the Oilfield Playboys: Blue As I Can Be Lonnie Irving: I Got Blues On My Mind Jimmy Bankston: I Come From Louisiana Bob James & the Creations: As My Heart Is To You Walter Scott: I’m Walking Out Wibby Lee & Paul Allan: I’m Talking Not Walking The Blues Jimmy Welch [“The Boy From Alabama”]: Searight Blues Bill Blevins: Baby I Won’t Keep Waitin’ The Emanons: Emanons Rock

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