Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008


Don & the Galaxiex: Avalanche / Sundown Norman Moon: Blue Diddle The Invaders: Invasion The Handclappers: Three Gassed Rats The Tremolos: Riglolo Rock The Tempos: Sham-Rock / It’s Tough Gene Bianco: Alarm Clock Rock The Twisters: Speed Limit / Count Down 1-2-3 Jonnie & the Cyclones: Twisted Fender / Scrub Bucket The Crown T’s: Pickin’ Cotton Jack & the Ripper Z: Heart Attack The Monterays: Turtle Ronnie Robens & the Mai-Kais: Grazin’ The Raging Storms: Hound Dog The Raiders: (It’s A) Stick Shift Feddie & the Heartaches: Womp - Womp The Dell Tones: Head’s Up The Originals: Comanche! / Night Flight The Commanders: Blackout Bob Vidone & the Rhythm Rockers: Weird The Paragons: Scramble The Crazy Crickets: Honey Walk The Highlights: Studio Blues Jimmy & the Gems: The Big Rumble


jothman hat gesagt…

Does anuone know where this is available for download? tanx

jothman hat gesagt…

tanx for sharing - I'm guessing you don't get all that many comments. I think your site is really cool. I'm a big Buffalo Bop fan and I think their covers are some of the best of any series. They are like the covers of trashy paperback novels from the 50s. Please keep it up and post all the forth-coming Buffalo Bop covers.