Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009


Toni: I Want You To Be My Baby Candy Williams: Maybe I Was Dreaming Lucy Rivera: Ific Jeri Lynn Sands: The Walking Beat Stormy Gayle: Flipsville Diana Lee: You Upset Me Laura Lee Perkins: Kiss Me Baby Pat Brown: Forbidden Fruit Marcy Davis: Full Moon Rock Kathy Dee: Trail Of Tears Susy Rose: Welfare Sugar Daddy / Let’s Have A Party Dottie Swan: Blue News Lonnie Mae with Gene & the Satellites: Record Hop Dream Cassidy Sisters with the Titantics: Rockin’ At The Hop The Velveteens: Baby Baby The Don Gils: Bad Bass Boogie Lola Dee with Lew Douglas & Ork: Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop The Martin Sisters: Don’t Run And Hide Julie Lang: Elvis Jo Ann Campbell: You’re Driving Me Mad / Wassa Matter With You Helen Bozeman: Sugar Baby Bette Laine: Rock-A-Bye Rock Bernadette & her Swingin’ Bears: Crazy Yogi The Angelos: Bad Motorcycle Sue Patrick & The Nomads: You Found A New Love

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