Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009


Jerry Woodard & The Cavaleers: Downbeat Tony March: Boston Bake Bean Baby Jimmy Thomason [With Jackie Kelso Ork]: Now Hear This Frank Virtuoso & The Virtues: Rollin’ An’ A Rockin’ Don Romano with the Billy Clay Miller Ork: One Note Rock Floyd Brown: What I Want Marcel St. Jean: The Big Black Jacket Tommy Fisher: Rock And Roll Robin Hood Buddy Lowe: Sherry Lee Gene Jenkins: Short Stuff Donnie Boyd: Li’l Girl, Lil’ Girl Don Crawford & The Escorts: Why Why Why Eddie Daniels: Playin’ Hide Go Seek Richard Chevalier with the Starlights: Hang My Tears On A Line Outside Doug Powell: Crazy Georgia Shake Chuck Hix & Count Downs: Loretta Ron & Joe And The Crew: Riot In Cell Block No. 9 Jerry Hammond: Move Over Rover Franklin Brothers: Wake Up (Little Boy Blue) / Day Dreaming Skip Milo: What’s Wrong With Me Clyde Pitts: The Lonely Side Of Town Johnny Gamble: Wicked Woman Bill & Ed And The Mountain Music Boys: Key Of Love Dino: Run Home Little Girl Jim Edgar & The Impalas: You’re Allright Pat & Dee: Gee Whiz The Tempests: Rockin’ Rochester U.S.A.

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