Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009


The Tempests: Lemon Time / Midnight / Count Down The Rhythm Rockers: R. R. Boogie The Viscounts: Chug-A-Lug / Dig The Rebel Rousers: War Paint The Flintales: Flintales Rock The Fabulous Playboys: Shortnin’ Bread The Marlins: Let Down / Saw Will Run The Royaltones: Poor Boy / Wail! The Polaras: Breaker The Rhythmics [Dave, Art, Steve, Bill]: Comin’ Through / Besame Mucho The Countdowns: Do It The Savoys: Razorback Jay Brown & the Jets: Hanky-Panky / Rockin’ The Guitar Alfreda Mendieta & his Guitar: Chicken Run The Ree-Gents: Downshiftin’ Al Allen: Egghead Jay Bee & the Kats: Tension The Scavengers: Curfue The Bel-Tones: Breaktime Mitch Wayne & the United Sounds: Shazam #1 Jimmie Volk [Recorded By The Matched Aces]: Spring Time Rock

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