Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

2011 - STEPPIN'

Bobby Carter: If You’re Gonna Shake It Buddy Burke and the Canadian Meteor: That Big Old Moon Clyde Stacy: Cotton’ Pickin’ Chicken The Patterns: Blue Lawdy Blue Bucky & the Premieres: Summer School The Pledges: Betty Jean Keith Courvale with the Dots: Be My Wife Lawrence Flippo [Music By The Futuras]: Let’s Do It Mike Waggoner: Guitar Man / Coming Up Scotty McKay: Bad Times Mike Cain: Shake The Hand Allen Page with Sandy and Sue & the Big Four: Oh! Baby Bill Taylor & the Cyclones: Nelda Jane The Admiral Tones: Hey, Hey Pretty Baby Rocky Morgan & the Rockin’ Guitars: Wolf Whistle Baby Gerry Granahan [Arnie Goland Ork]: King Size Ned Costner: Jeopardy Jim Johnston & the Starlighters: Mean Woman Blues Jimmy Lester: I’m Gone Leon & The Hi-Tones: Rock And Roll In The Groove Frank Monday & the Steppers: Stepping Ougie & the Ougots: The Big X-L Bob Halley: You Got Me The Broughams with Bob: Baby You Just Wait Nothing & the No Names: Cute Little Sweeti Clyde Stacy: I Sure Do Love You Baby The Divots: Dry Cereal

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