Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007


The Dawnbeats: Midnight Express The Rockin’ Continentals: 2-3-4 Terry Dunavan & the Earthquakes: Earthquake Boogie The Sounds: Bedlam Lord Dent & his Invaders: Wolf Call The Casuals: Upspring The Vi-Kings: The Viking Twist The Vibrations: Moanin’ Bass The Corvettes: Shaften The Premiers: Firewater The Variatones: Roulette Rock B. Goode: Sabotage The Daywins: Heartbeat The Galaxis: Ad Lip The Off Beats: Red Ants The Dawnbreakers: Deep In The Heart Of Texas Rock The Royal Notes: Spitfire The Celts: Confusion Larry Reynolds: The Flea The Rollettes: Venus Rock The Rovin’ Gamblers: Do The Fly The Crew: Hot Wire Fat Daddy Holmes: Chicken Rock The Millionaires: Rock And A Half St. John’s Cardinals: The Rise Aldon & the EC’s: Endsville The Impacts: Speed Zone The Night People: The Troubled Streets The Enchanters: Everybody Twist The Crowns: Wibcee

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