Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007

2003 - FEAR

David Ray: Jitterbugging Baby / Lonesome Feeling Johnny Cavalier & the Keynotes: Rock’n Chair Roll / Knock Off The Rock Vilas Craig & the Kollege Kings: Spring Fever Skip Cody: Feets Too Big The (Original) Rhythm Rockers: Oh! Oh! Honey Jeff And P.J.: My Fragile Heart Butch McClary: Rockin’ Hall Bob & Joe: Suzie Q (I-L-O-V-E-U) Gary Shelton: The Trance Jerry Jaye: Sugar Dumplin’ / How Could You Lose Your Trust In Me Al Dean & his All Stars: Fragile Heart Davey Bee & the Sonics: Linda Lee Joey Preston: All Those Lies The Premiers: True Deep Love Don Hopkins: Tiddley - Diddley Maynard Horlick: The Ivy League Look [unissued] Bill Bodaford & the Rockets: Little Girl Roger & the Markees: Liza Lee / Million Dollar Baby Mike Ryan & the Teen-Tones: Hurtin’ And Cryin’ Herbert Woolfolk & the Rocketts: Strength Of Love Johnny Fay & the Blazers: Sweet Linda Brown Johnny Fuller: All Night Long The Excels: Let’s Dance James Wallis: Sheet Board Down Danny Howard: Two Lonely Weeks The Russell Brothers: Cupid

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