Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007

1994 - HOBO BOP

Tommy Nelson: Hobo Bop Franklin Stewart & the Stewart Brothers: That Long Black Train Ralph Pruitt with his Rhythm Boys: Hey, Mr. Porter Bill Flagg & his Rockabillies: I’m So Lonely Jim Foley & the Big Beats: Goodbye Train Vernon Taylor: Mystery Train Curley Money: Hobo Bob Riley: The Midnight Line Gene Norman & Rockin’ Rockets: Long Gone Night Train Hank Davis: One Way Track Hank & the Electras: Woman Train Hank Spurling: Box Car Blues Danny Reeves: I’m A Hobo The Miller Brothers & Their String Band: Loco Choo Choo Leon James with Walter Atkins & his Homotone’s: Ride That Train Willie Tremain’s Thunderbirds: Midnite Express Wayne Busbice with Buzz Busby & the Bayou Boys: Going Back To Dixie Stan Johnson with the Blue Chips: Big Black Train Wayne Newman & the Torques: Midnight Train Charles Dean & the Rondells: Train Whistle Boogie Art Law: Big Train Sonny Anderson: Lonely Lonely Train Billy Tidwell & the Chivells: Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Waleen: Mystery Train The Runabouts: Train The Millionaires: Haunted Train Larry Phillipson & the Larry Lee Trio: Miami Road Frankie Lowery: Kansas City Train Jimmy Farmer with the Notes: Long Black Train Johnny Boni: Train Rock

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