Montag, 31. Dezember 2007


Daryl Britt with the Blue Jeans: Lover Lover The Thrashers: Fort Lauderdale U.S.A. George Walsh: Don’t Let Me Down Jan Faggard: Lost Without You Chuck Johnston [Accompanied By Tony Agby & The Continentals]: Weepin’ And Wailin’ / String Bean Johnny Lion: Haunted Heart Billy Land: Shimmy Shake Johnny Angel: The Fever The Van Delles: I Got The Blues Little Bell: Sweet Cucumber Don Evans: It’s So Fright’nin Clyde Stacy & the Nitecaps: Hoy Hoy Jack Scott: Geraldine Jerry Ross: Ever’body’s Tryin’ / Small Little Girl Bobby Reed: High School USA Tommy Love & the Deadbeats: Wow! Wow! Easy Deal Wilson: Gotta Have You Jimmy Ridley & the Sentinels: Rock A Bye Baby Aubrey Cagle: Be-Bop Blues Gary Leath & his Nu-Tones: Sensation Kenneth Castleman with the Wanderers: Matchbox Harold & Bob: Stray Cat Art Foster: Jay Dancing / Houston, Texas Walter Perkins & the Turfs: Solid Rock / You Hook Me Baby Mickey Michaels & the Forrestals: Koffee Shop Rock Fabio & Bruno: Do You Know

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