Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007


Johnny Lane [Accompanied By The Hot Rodders]: Rockin’ On The Dragstrip The Sabres [feat. Jimmy Stringer]: Hot Rod Kelly Jimmy Stevens: Scramble The Stripes: Hot Rod Rockin’ The Wranglers: Dig That Ford The Esquires: Flashin’ Red Frank Rice: My Honey And My Honda George Stogner: Hardtop Race The Duals: The Big Race The Crestones: The Chopper Leon Smith & the Basics: Little Forty Ford The Sandells: Scrambler Bob Cass & the Corvettes: Corvette Baby Bill Johnson: Hot Rod Car Verlin Mayes: The Outlaw Driver The Mighty Four: In Love With You And My Honda Tommy Payne: Cruisin’ Around Johnny Fortune: Dragster Eddie Dugosh & the Redtops: One Mile Sleepy La Beff & the Versatiles: Ride On Josephine The Jaguars: Scat Car Scat Maynard Horlick with the Hep-Teens: Rollin’ On Down The Street Gene Savage: Big Machine Beverly Hills Painters: Model A Heap The Fender Benders: Drag Strip Doug Harden with the Desert Suns: Dig That Ford Re & Row with the Varitones: (She Wore) Pink Pedal Pushers Frank Thayer: Long Grey Highway The Road Runners: Road Runnah Candy Apple Red Impala Little E. & Mello Tone 3:The Engine Sound Track: A Ride In A Corvette

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