Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007

2000 - MOVE ON

Dudley Callicut & the “Go” Boys: Get Ready Baby Pat Richmond with the Fire Balls: Don’t Stop The Rockin’ Bobby Lee with the Blue Dots: Miss Mary Rockin’ Sid & the Thunderwords: Misery Perry La Pointe & the Orange Playboys: B. O. Rock Wayne Haas: Betty Ann / Leave Linda Alone The Storms (Carl Groves): Canteen Baby Terry & the Pirates: What Did He Say? / Talk About The Girl Don Ellis: Come In World Bristow Hopper: Hate That Bear Leslie Sneed with the Sneeds: Oh Baby Doll Bruce Channel: Now Or Never Bob Calloway & the Clicks: Wake Up Little Boy Blue Dean Wolfe: Twistin’ Jane Billy & Mickey: Rock And Roll Baby / Uh-Mmm Melvin Blake & the Star-Rockers: Move On Cookie & Charlie: Bye-Bye Baby (Don’t Cry) Tommy Palm & his Rockers: Black Knee Socks Curtis Wilson: Teenage Party Line Charles Walton & the Kool Kats: Teen Age Blues Rex Qual: Good Rockin’ Tonight Don Hager & the Hot Tots: Liza Jane Bop Ray Gerdsen: Wanna Rock And Roll With You Honey Jack Roubik & the T-J’s: Live It Up / I Got A Baby Tommy La Beff: Tore Up Billy Lehman & the Rock-Itts: Lollie

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