Montag, 31. Dezember 2007

2006 - TEEN SCENE VOL. 3

Johnny Gee: Yes, I’m Leaving You Rocky & the Continental 4: (I Want To Be Your) Lucky Star The Sparkles [feat. Bolo Smith]: He Can’t Love You Dick Allison & the Broughams: Dreem World Of Love Jimmy Luke: Joanie Johnny & Jerry: Cry-Baby Kenny Baker: I’m Gonna Love You Virgil Sawyer & the Emeralds: You’re Gonna Grieve When I Leave Roc Larue with the Three Pals: Teenage Blues Bobby Poore [Orchestra Conducted By Rene Hall]: Heartbreak Of Love / One And Two Ron Volz & the Rockin’ R’s: I’m Still In Love With You Jerry Palmer: Party Pooper Bobby Martin & Rockin’ Tune Twisters: Back To School Rock Kenny Smith & Cave Tones: Rockin’ Roll Party Lewis Weber: Jean Mike Figlio: More Than Anything Ronney Scalair [Orchestra And Chorus Directed By Jerry Ragavoy]: Ponytail Chuck Hix: Sixteen / Sandy Ronal McCown [With The Clay Glover Combo]: Fool’s Day Off Wynn Stewart: School Bus Love Afair Tommy Maris: Teenage Lover Douglas Connell & the Hot Rods: On Your Way From School / You’re My Girl Paul Little: Turn Around Baby Tommy “Jim” Beam & the Four Fifths: Convincing You Dave Meadows with the Neanderthals: Angel The Enchanters: So Much

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