Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007


Stan Johnson with the Sonics: Big Black Train Doug Corby: Heart Break Train Eddie Plew & the Juniors: Midnight Train Chuck Manning & the Rhythm Ranch Boys: Let’s Go Jimmy North with Jack Mashburn Band: Leavin’ Town The Titans: The Noplace Special Dick Paige: Big Train Cliff Lee & the Rhythm Kings: Golden Rocket Floyd Fletcher: Move On Down The Track Grover Pruitt: Mean Train Marty Martin: Boxcar Willie Delaware Valley U.S.A. West [feat. Ernie Walker]: The Wreck Of The Ninety 7 Buddy Aldo: Gotta Get To Memphis Tico & the Triumphs: Express Train The Ly-Dells: Hear That Train Zen Fuller: Mem’ry Train The Chuck-A-Lucks: The Devil’s Train Tracy Pendarvis & the Swampers: South Bound Line Jody Reynolds: Long Black Train [unissued] Wade Cagle & the Escorts: Groovy Train Eddie Carter & the Sunset Rambler: Railroad Stomp Gene Simmons: Going Back To Memphis Johnny Nelms: Mr. Freight Train Jack Kingston: Freight Train Blues Tommy Sena & the Valcounts: Choo Choo Train Rod Morris: The Ghost Of Casey Jones The Jades: Lost Train The Kids From Cleveland: Night Train Saladin: Choo Choo Twist Arlie Miller: Big Black Train [unissued] Elvis Presley: Mystery Train

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