Montag, 31. Dezember 2007


Willie Samples & Ricochets: I Don’t Care The Uptowners [Vocal Barney Barnicle]: Cost Of Lovin’ Chuck Stacey with the Rompers: You Think It’s Funny Bill Woods: Ask Me No Questions Bud Landon & the Rhythm Masters: Running Man / Six Mile Climb Red Arrow & the Braves: The Last Days Of Kinzua Curly Sanders & the Santones: This Time / Brand New Rock And Roll Wallace Waters: Keep Me In Your Charms [unissued] The Wildwood Trio: The Wildwood Rock Chuck Henderson: Rock And Roll Baby Uncle Alvis & the Corncobs: Hey, Hey Pussycat Jimmy Walls: What A Little Kiss Can Do Montie Jones: Black Cat’s Chasin’ Me Bobby Martin with the Tune Twisters: Give Your Heart To Me / Sleepy Time Blues Chuck Jennings: Mr. Misery [unissued] Jack Toombs: Pin Ball Fever Joe L. White: Staying Home Tonight Earl Smith & the Night Cappers: Black River Bay James Lane: Rockin’ In My Heart Mack & Gwen with the Country Playboys: Baby I Want Another Date With You Wes Holly & the Rhythm Ranchers: Hop Rock Clint Miller: Till The End Of The World Rolls Round Gene Morris: I Craw Fished Houston Barks: She’s Gone Bob Kinney & the Sidekicks: The Girls I Left Behind Bill Martin: Meet Me Halfway The Big Whopper: Charlie Brown’s Mule

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