Montag, 31. Dezember 2007


Ronnie Haig: Rocking With Rhythm & Blues Darrell Rhodes & the Falcons: Four O’Clock Baby Bill Watkins: I Got Troubles The Untimates: Lost Romance Don Woody: Red Blooded American / Not I Phil Barclay & the Sliders: Young Long John Chuck Goddard: Living Myself To Death Johnny Wilson: Twi-Light Zone / Little Miss Fortune Alan Riddle: The Moon Is Crying Roy Biggs: I Want To Rock With You The Jumpin’ Jacks: Let There Be Rockin’ Brien Fisher: It’s Up To You The Electras: Mary Mary The Dropouts: I’m Leaving The Caps: Daddy Dean Buddy Starr: Blues Around My Head Tony Cosmo: Pony Tail Annie & Crew Cut Joe Jim Burgett & his Make-Beliver’s: Live It Up / Pick-Up-A-Coupl’a-Records Paul Kirk: Ready Little Steady Benn Joe Zeppa: Terry Lou / Shame On You, Miss Lindy Rich Roman: T. T. B. (Truly, Truly Baby) / Ooh, Ooh, Ooh Louie & the Ambassadors: Talk That Talk Rand Parker & the Strollers: Big Mary’s House The Denhams: Cry, Baby Cry Orlie & the Saints: Twist And Freeze – U.S.A.

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