Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007


The Moonlighters: Guitar Rock / Never, Never, Never The Detonators: Honey Hush / Slow Down Danny Dell: Pogo Walk Jim Aguirre: Wild Cat Daddy Bud Brees: The Big Hit Unknown Artist: Let’s Hit The Road Benn Zeppa: Hippity Hop The Gents: Rock & Roll Improvisation (Vokal & Instr.) Scotty McKay: Cry Me A River Max Lipscomp: Don’t Wait Vince Murphy: Evil Eye / Love Pat Joe Johnson: Apple Core Jimmy & Vince: Don’t Leave Jimmy: Love Pat Unknown Artist: Go To School The Rhythm Tones: Wobble Wickie Ronnie Ashton: Holdin’ Back Unknown Artist: Tonight We’re Gonna Rock Charles Looper: She’s My Baby Now Jimmy Grubbs: I Got A Rocket Frankie & Margie: Crazy Legs Arlin Neville: Rockin’ Star Chester Brand: Honey Bee Ray Pate: I’ve Got That Feeling Art Adams: Dancing Doll / Rock Crazy Baby

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