Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007


The Love Brothers: Flying Saucers Rock & Roll The Rockers: Rock, Rock, Rocket Ship The Rebelaires [feat. Sammy Smith]: Satellite Rock Alden Holloway: Blast Off Terry Dunavan & the Earthquakes: Rock-It On Mars Dell Vaughn & the Fortune Aires: Rock The Universe Buck Trail: Knocked Out Joint On Mars Monte Mead: Cape Caneveral The Fabulous Imperials: Moon Beat Jimmy Stewart: Rock On The Moon Jackie Gotroe & the Scamps: Rock It To The Moon Billy Nix: Moon Twist Nelson Young: Rock Old Sputnik Carl & Norman: Shooting For The Moon The Rocks: Satellite Neil Alan: Light My Rockets Jimmy Copeland & the Jayteens: Satellite Rock Royce Simpson: Space Dance Deacon & the Rock & Rollers: Rockin’ On The Moon Stan Beaver: I Got A Rocket In My Pocket Lee George: The Little Moon Men Wesley Reynolds: Trip To The Moon Geno Lanzi: Countdown 4-3-2-1 Ronnie Sando [Music By The Ambassadors]: Rocking On The Moon Dick Robinson: The Boppin’ Martian Billy Hogan & the Twi- Lighters: Shake It Over Sputnik Daniel James: Rock Moon Rock Butch Paulson with the Motations: Man From Mars Rufus Shoffner & Joyce Longer: Orbit Twist John Wesley Caves: Rock To The Moon Les Vogt: Moon Rocketin’ Chuck Dallis: Moon Twist Jack Tucker: Honeymoon Trip To Mars Jimmy Grubbs: Rockin’ Space Girl

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