Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007


Sylvia Mobley: Every Time I See You Lloyd Wright & the Radio Rangers [Vocal By Judy Warren]: Teenage Boogie June August: What Does A Lifeguard Do In The Fall? Janet Shay: At The Sock Hop Patsy Clark: Whatcha Do To Me Jo Ann Perry: Cool Cat Arlane Shaw: Lotta Lovin’ Carolyn Waits: Lies Jackie Whitley & the Red Coats: Mean Man Blues Roxie Williams with Buddy Ray & the Shamrocks: Fifteen Seconds Ginny Angel: Tra La La La I’m Yours Tonight Jackie Gates & the Fanatics: I Want Love Sunnie Lee: Puppy Love Orella Myers: Gonna Spend My Time (To Make You Mine) Pinky Miller: When My Teenage Days Are Through Joan Temple: Promise Iona Mack: I Like To Dance With My Baby / It Is You Baby On My Mind? Margaret Lewis: Shake A Leg Nancy Day: Teen Age Hop The Echomores [feat. Voice Of Betty Lee]: How Does It Feel To Be Lonely? Dottie Jones (The Pride Of Texas): Honey, Honey Betty Jo & Johnny Starr: Eskimo Baby Jeanie Mack: Dirty Dishes Misty Bonner: I Can’t Sit Still / Watch Me Do The Twist Bonnie Guitar: Love Is Over, Love Is Done Nita Eubanks: Married Gals Need Lovin’ Too Arthur Smith & his Cracker-Jacks [Vocal By Carol Honeycutt]: Teen-Age Rebel Kathy Linden: Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye

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