Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Jack Winston & the Hi-Jacks: It’s Rock And Roll John “Rocky” Rhule: Rock The Joint / Rock & Roll Baby Jimmy Thurman & the Cavaliers: Pretty Baby Jimmy Stayton [With Morton & Honey]: Hot Hot Mama Larry Terry: Hep Cat Ray Whisnant: Rock That Rhythm Buck Trail & the Dead Enders: Honky Tonk On Second Street Frank Triolo & the Shipmates Orchestra: Ice Cream Baby / Pretty Little Woman Lee Dresser & the Krazy Kats: Beat Out My Love Wayne (Red) Cobb: Shopping Around Gene Terry & his Kool Kats: The Woman I Love Jimmie Dale: Baby Doll Bill Flagg & his Rockabillies: Guitar Rock Dwarless Fearsley: You Talk Too Much Johnny Watson & his Night Owls: Let’s Rock Gene Sisco with the Ramblin’ Ramblers: Grandma Rock & Roll Bobby Poe: Rock & Roll Boogie / Rock & Roll Record Girl Glen Pace & the Starlites: My Night Off The Nighthawks: Cut That Out Larry Phillipson & the Larry Lee Trio: Bitter Feelings Webb Foley: Little Bitty Mama Andy Sanders: Rock & Roll Baby Jesse Lee Turner: Shake Baby, Shake Glen Reffuse & the Refugees: Love’s No Game Jim McCrory with Bob Bain’s Music: Rock Ya Baby Carl Morelli: Linda Lee Little Donnie Bowshier & the Radio Ranch Boys: Rock & Roll Joys

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