Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007


Bobby Mizell & his Rockin’ Piano: Knockout The Nobles: Black Widow / Jaguar The Runabouts with Johnny Hammer: Lobo / After Effects Mike Pettit & the Stags: It’s A Reamer The Rock Kings: Runaway Bernie Moore & the Rockets: Rock Guitar, Rock The Darts: Rocking The Red Coats: Monongahela / Midnight The Diminshuns: Firewater Percy & the Rockin’ Aces: “Dizzee” The Tree Tops: Tinkel Bones Ronny Lofton & his Stumbling Guitar & the Damangos: El Diablo The Vi-Kings: Desert Boots The Royal Tones: Creeping Thunder The Nightbeats: Nightbeat The Poor Boys: Driftin’ The Nevegan’s: Russian Roulette / One Armed Bandit The Scamps: Swampin’ Tony Sperry & the Quarter Notes: The Shock The Imperials: Avalanche The Five Sounds: Clumsy Dragon The Strangers: This Brave New World Hank Hankins: My Old Kentucky Home Rock The Revels: Comanche The Night Owls: Stompin’ Jimmy & Stan: Tahiti

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