Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


The Wonders: Cuttin’ Out The R-Dells: You Say David Box: Little Lonely Summer Girl Steve Lawrence: Pretty Blue Eyes Milo Liggett: Gold And Silver Tommy Lam with Glenn Douglass and his Orchestra & the Monograms: Blue Willow Chip Fisher: Poor Me Bobby Doyle: Hot Seat The Canadian Sweethearts: No Help Wanted Johnny Cameron: Fantasy Bobby Boston: Lazy Daisy The Crescendos: Oh Julie Johnny Duffett: Just Give Me Your Heart Kris Jensen: Big As I Can Dream The Rituals: Gone Bobby Comstock: Just A Piece Of Paper Tony Orlando: The Loneliest The Barker Brothers [Monty & Fredy]: Hey Little Mama Ricky Scott: I Didn’t Mean It Joe Melson: Heartbreak Marci & the Mates: Suddenly We’re Strangers Billy Dolton: Girls Don French: Lonely Saturday Night Jerry Naylor: Stop Your Crying Dale Wright & the Wright Guys: My Heart Mickey Denton: Steady Kind Lee Denson: Devil Doll The Skee Brothers: Big Deal Al & the Echoes: Baby Remember Me Don Cole: Sweet Lovin’ Honey Woody Thorne: Teenager In Love Gary Criss: Our Favorite Melodies Donnie Owens: Stormy (Come To Town)

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