Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007


Ray McCoy [Music By Sandy Stanton Combo]: Rockin’ Baby / I Need It Jack Reno: My Knees Turn To Jelly / Comeback Billy Love: Sweet Talkin’ Monty Olive & his Piano: Mary Lee Marlon Grisham: Ain’t That A Dilly Lee Harris: When The One You Love Don’t Love You Virgil Sawyer & the Emeralds: You’re Gonna Grieve When I Leave The Canucks [With Vocal By Ray Park]: Rock Around The Barn Joe Lover: Pretty Girl Taker Vincent Macree & the Rhythm Kings: Teen-Age Talk Ray Liberto: Wicked, Wicked Woman Honest Jess: Suzanne (Quit Rocking To The Can-Can) The Johnson Brothers: Roll Over Beethoven Barry Lane: Gettin’ Ready For Love / Oh Geronimo Billy J. Killen: Georgia Boy Glenn Mann: Truly Yours Glen Glenn: Don’t You Love Me [unissued] Bobby Lee Trammell: Hi-Ho Silver The Kellwoods: Skipping Along George Lester: Cold Dark Night Randy McKee: Mailman Paul Kepler with Cool-Notes: Betty-Lou Jody Reynolds: Daisy Mae Carl Mann & the Kool Kats: Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight Little Mac & the Bravadoes: Dance Baby (With Me) Carl Mays: Record Card Time D. J. & the Cats: The Lightning Strikes

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