Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007


The Rialtos [feat. Freddie Thomas]: Like Thunder The Ox Tones: Mickey Hial King & his Newports: Death Valley Phil Baugh: Bumble Twist Ted Russell & his Rhythm Rockers: Brang / Real Cool The Astronauts: Blues Beat Uncle Hix & the Happy Six: “C” Boogie The Down Beats: Craig’s Crazy Boogie Freddy Countryman: The Raven / Back Up And Push Hayward Davis & his Quintet: Bubble Gum Rock The Deltones: Hit & Run The Jesters: Side Tract The Storms: Thunder The Titans: Reveille Rock The Devrons: Battle Hymn / Brand X The Monarchs: Friday Night The (Original) Rhythm Rockers: Madness The Tarantulas: Like Spellbound King Rock & the Knights: Scandal / Send-Di B. B. Cunningham: Pagan Rock The Rangers: Four On The Floor Tommy Hudson & the Savoys: Rock It The Prem Airs: Premier Rock The Savoys: Slappin’ Rods And Leaky Oil H. E. Ferrell & his No. 1 Boys: She Giggles Bobby Nelson Quartet: Dum Drums

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