Montag, 31. Dezember 2007

2004 - FLIP, FLIP

Larry Dowd & the Rock-O-Tones: Blue Swingin’ Mama Jim Gale: Rockin’ Party Dave Johnson: International Runway Gus Colletti: She’s My Honey The Vons: Flip, Flip Ron Haydock & the Boppers: Bop Hop [unissued] Irvin Russ: Crazy Alligator Glenn Johnson with the Acorns: Run Here Honey Wendell & the Dreamers: That’s Love Marcel St. Jean: The Big Black Jacket Gary Driver: Dance Me To Death Joe Moon: I Ain’t Gonna Tell [unissued] Jimmy Hombs with Tom & the Twinkle Tones & Hollywood Rebels: Joe Cool Paul Zuma: Our Love Will Last Glen Walp & the Casuals: Honeybun Robert Smith with Bailey’s Nervous Kats: Traveling Sam Chuck Jones & the Rockets: Old Coke Bar Bill Starr & the Students: One Heart Tommy Tolleson: The Gulf Coast Twist Danny Boyd: Just A Little Bit Sweeter The Planets [feat. Jimmy Waller]: Sharin’ Lockers Tony & the Del-Fi’s: Goin’ To Miami The Escorts with Bill Roberts: Cajun Queen Frankie & the Teen Tones: Told You Little Baby Jerry Dorn [Orchestra Conducted By Rikki Dawn]: Rockin’ Chair Rock Troy Onteare: Marry The Money Jimmy Luke & the C-Riff’s: Sally Glenn Johnson: Little Heart Attacks Kenny Ambrose: Won’t You (Love Me Baby) The Flying Tornados: Chattanooga Drummer Man

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