Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

1999 - DRY RUN

Milan Shepel: Rip It Up Paul Vance: Hey! Now, Mary Ted Daigle & the Tremelos: Ruby / Red Hen Hop / Mary Lou Parker Cunningham: Dry Run The Jokers [Vocal By Jimmy Bone]: Little Mama Gene Parson’s Band [Vocal By Kimble & Wanda Janes]: Night Club Rock And Roll The Dreamers: Rock And Roll Baby / Ding Dong Kenny & the Be-Bops: Lindy Lou Ray Pennington & his Western Rhythm Boys: Boogie Woogie Country Girl Ray Baribeau & his Velvets: Gold Diggin’ Papa Tom Dorsam: Baby Of Mine George Curtus: Vacation Carl Bonn & the Downbeats: Baby Sittin’ Blues Jett Powers with Vince Parle & the Raunch Hands: Go Girl, Go Bert Bradley: The Girl In The Tight Blue Jeans Leonard Clark & Land Of Sky Boys: Come To Your Tommy Now Dick Vance: Bobbi Stinson Barth: I’ll Forget You Woman Orvil Couch & the Troublemakers: Wild Girl Don Duncan with Jimmy Vinson & his Orchestra: Something Special Jimmy Apostle & the Willows: I Love Ya Honey The Prowlers: Rock Me Baby / Get A Move On The Rockets [feat. Dave Folkes]: Rockin’ The Blues Billy Lehman & the Penn-Men: Audrey Tommy Kane: Oh-Oh-Oh-Rock The Plaids: Out To Lunch

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