Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007

1995 - SUGAREE

Carlos Diaz with the Royal Tones: Sugaree Don Apilado: The Pigeon Wes Buchanan: Give Some Love My Way / Only Fools Earl Scott: Stop Your Knocking Doug Dickens with the Fireballs: Raw Deal Duane Gray: Come Home Paul Campbell: I Love You Baby Dale Davis & his Tomcats: Gotta Rock / That’s Baby Jimmy Gray with the Missels: Two-Timer Benny England: Eloping Bobby Mack: She’s My Little Baby / Waitin’ For You To Call The Strikes [Vocal By The Three Pelves]: If You Can’t Rock Me The Galaxies: It’s All Over Now The Super-Phonics [Vocal Ronnie Hanson]: Teen-Age Partner Steve Bledsoe: Too Many Girl Friends / Smooth Operator Pat Kelly with the Shamrocks: Hey Doll Baby Buck Fowler: She’s Just That Kind Plez Gary Mann: Cheer Me Up Al Terry: Watch Dog Chuck Royal & the Sharpsters: My Baby’s Gone Danny Dell with the Trends: Froggy Lee Pickett & the Screamers: Fatty Patty The Break-A-Ways: Red Skin Rock The Rock-A-Tunes [Vocal Butch McGillis]: You’re Some Kind Of Nice Pat Kelley: The Stranger Dressed In Black Oneil Howes: It’s True True Baby It’s True

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