Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007


Colleen Frazier [feat. Sparky Frazier]: You’re Mama’s Here Tonight’s The Night Norma Shearer:The Acorn Sisters [Goldie, Rosemarie & Evelyn]: Real Gone Donna Darlene: You’re Not Doin’ Me Right Linda Leigh & the Treasure Tones: My Guy Bernadette: The Slosh Francine York: The Enlistment Twist Sandra Peters: Rock Away My Blues Ceci Julian with Vic Corwin & his Orchestra: Rock Right Sylvia Jean: No No (Twist) Fay Darling: Funny Bunny Carolyn Gabbard: Indian Rock Jan Lawhon: A Lot To Learn About Love Lorelei Lynn with the Sparkles: Rock ‘A’ Bop Emmy Oro: A Fish House Function Bunny Paul: Sweet Talk / History Colleen Carson [Music By Sandy Stanton & The Swinging Strings]: Going Going Gone Jodie Decker: Heartbreak Joe Margaret Lewis: Birmingham Valley Blues Carole Riley: Cadillac Lover Priscilla Bowman: A Spare Man Terry Dean: Dream Boy (Oh, Oh, Oh) Vicky Vaughn: Love Fever Bella Lee: Two Timin’ Man Lois Lee: I’ve Got It Bad For You Baby Linda Carr & the Impossibles: Happy Teenager Dorie Sudduth: You’re No Good For Me Bettie Marie: Blue Smoke Carolyn Bennett: So Sad To Bad

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