Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007


Mark Evans: Gang’s House / It’s Love Dickie Bird Newland: Pearly Mae Ralph: I’ve Got It Bobby Allen: C.B. Baby Dale McBride: Prissy Missy Art Young & the Country Gems: Little Tot Minnesota Marv & the Vanguards: Nobody’s Darlin’ Tommy Trent: Just For Tonight Jack Scott: Leroy Tony Farrell: Stumpy Stump Jim Alley: Dig That Rock And Roll Sandy Marino: Hopin’ and A-Prayin’ / Big Country The Velvetones: One Little Minute Ashley Beaumont The 18th: Shimmy Doll Mayne & Howie: Library Rock Paul London & the Capers: Rosie Lee The Harmony Brothers: Saturday Night Bop Evan Kemp: Rootie Tootie Andy Doll: Hey Ba Ba Re Bop Alan Lee: Broken Hearted Baby Johnny Denton: Hey Baby Benny Cliff Trio: Shake Em Up Rock Curtis Potter: I’m A Real Glad Daddy Danny Mote: I Feel So Bad Hugh Barrett: Devil’s Love / Send For Me Bobby Koefer’s Hi-Ho Four: Gotta Rock A Little More Shorty Bacon & his Rhythm Rascals: Speakin’ Of Angels

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