Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007

2004 - STRUTTIN'

Curtis Hobeck: Tom Dooley Rock & Roll Tony Garo: Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Dean Hagopian [Accompanied By The Regals]: Lotta Lotta Lovin’ / Anywhere You Go Walt & the Satans: Maybe One Day / Don’t Bargain With Love The Fairviews: Twinkle Lee Bob Homan: Sweet Thing The Treasures: Lean Jean The Chancellors: Gotta Little Baby The Chieftones [Canada’s All Indian Band]: Big Fat Woman Ronnie Keith [With Scott Seely Orchestra]: Struttin’ Donnie Bell: Sugar Baby Sugar Bob Kirkland: I’m Looking For A Girl Ritchie Deran with the New Tones: Bewitched The Bradley Boys: Lovin Class Ralph Prescott: Little Boy Bop Gary Van & the Starlighters: Rockin’ Too Much Rick & Rod: Don’t Stop (Kissing Me Goodnight) Johnny Taylor with the Rhythm Blue Boys: Mixed Up Rhythm & Blues Joey Castle & the Daddy-O’s: Rock And Roll Daddy-O Harmon Boazeman: No Love In You Frankie Dee [With Gene Kutch Orchestra]: Let’s Go Steady / Let’s Whirl Doug Weiss: Do You Love Another The Moods: Little Alice Kenny Owens: Come Back Baby / Wrong Line Mother Said Gary Leath & his Nu-Tones:Ray Smith: That’s All Right

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