Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007


Denni Alan [Accompanied By The Dukes]: Sixth Solid Baby The Sundowners: Rockin’ Spot Aubrey Bradford: Get Your Feet On The Floor The “Dodgers” & Johnny Angel: Come On Pretty Baby Eddie Daniels: Hurry Baby Lonnie Miley: Satellite Fever-Asiatic Flue Doug Sahm with the Pharoahs: Crazy Daisy Wayne & Ray: Sweet Lou Johnny Cook & the Hy- Lites: Don’t Knock No More Wendell & the Dreamers: That’s Love Tommy Lam with Bob Pauley & the Plantation Playboys: Speed Limit Dale Vaughn & the Starnotes: How Can You Be Mean To Me Sam White: Rock Baby Rock Sandy Scott: Mister Big Ronnie Speeks & his Elrods: Please Wait For Me Bob Grady: Granny Tops ‘Em At The Hop The Hi Boys: Billy Boy The Excels: Let’s Dance The Rebelaires [feat. Sammy Smith]: Alaska Rock Sandy & the Uniques: School Bus Ride Allen Page with the Deltones: Dateless Night The Blue Angels: Yea Yea Miss Ann Chris Cerf & the Harvard Lampoon Tabernacle Choir with Gordy Main & the Maniacs: The Penguin Gradie Joe & the Western Gents: Rock & Roll Cindy The Jesters III: Messed Up Woman Bobby Lee: Shake Me Baby The Recalls: Nobody’s Guy / Reesi Johnny Earl: Pull It Man Mr. Ree & the Billy Lee Four: Kissin’ Baby

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