Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007


The Astro-Notes: Rocket To The Moon Men Of Chantz: Count Down Skip Stanley: Satellite Baby [Version 1] / Satellite Baby [Version 2] Bob & Jerry: Ghost Satellite Billy Jack Hale: Move Over Buddy [unissued] Jackie Gotroe & the Scamps: Rock It To The Moon [with Chorus] Gayle Griffith with the Masters: Rocket Rock And Roll Sonny Sheather & the Stardusters: Orbit With Me Casey Grams [Music Under The Direction Of Ralph Hanyel]: Count Down Eddie Cletro: Flying Saucer Boogie Jimmy Gartin with the Highlanders: Gonna Ride That Satellite Tex Roe & the Ramblers: Rocketship To The Moon L. C. Smith & the Southern Playboys: Honeymoon On A Rocketship Bill Thomas: Sputnik Story Joe Johnson: Rocket To The Moon Jackie Lowell with Duane Diamond and the Astronauts: Rocket Trip Jackie Fautheree: First Man On Mars Julian: Get On The Moon Baby The Fabulous Imperials: Moon Beat Jan Amber: The Little Martian Joe Montgomery: Planetary Run Coye Wilcox: Zippy Hippy Dippy Harold Shutters & his Rocats: Rock ‘N’ Roll Mister Moon Gene Hall: Monkey On The Moon Danny Wheeler [Music By Sandy Stanton]: Teenie Weenie Man Al Jacobson with the Cave Dwellers: Sputnik Story Gene Lamarr & his Blue Flames: Moon Eyes Jesse Lee Turner: The Little Space Girl Hugh Lewis: Rockin’ Moon Men The Wild Tones: The Martian Band Dick Douglas: Rocket Ride Terry Dunavan & the Earthquakes: Rock-It On Mars

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