Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007


Ross Minimi: Baby Rock / Oh! Janet Hank Mizell: I’m Ready Jimmy Stayton & Country Cats: You’re Gonna Treat Me Right Eldon Rice: Don’t Let Love Break Your Heart Dickie Garland [Music By The Rialtos]: Shake Bop Tex Neighbors: Rockin’ Beat / Ain’t Going That Route Riki & the Rikatones: T.N.T. / Whiplash The Nighthawks: When Sin Stops Dennis Volk: You Are The One Bill Woods: Phone Me Baby / Crazy Man / Bop Bobby Smith & Sonny Freeze: Cool Cool Baby Virgil Baker: Ooheewe Your Sweet Ron Allers & his Rhythm Masters: Heartless Woman Sonny Freeze: Cotton’ Pickin’ Heartache Gary Engel & the Tophatters: Money Honey The Tornados: Tornado Twist Sonny Fisher: Rockin’ Daddy The Rhythm Rockers: Teenager’s Party Royce Porter: Yes I Do The T-J’s: Party Party Benny Ingram: Jello Sal Bobby Swanson & his Sonics: Rockin’ Little Eskimo Gaylon Christie & the Downbeats: Hootchi Cootchi Man Steve Kingsmill & the Stereos: Well Come On Dusty Croswhite: Chiki Wawa

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