Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

1999 - HOT ROCKIN'

Harry Lee: Rockin’ On A Reindeer / Kiss An Eskimo The Darts: Square Town Al Epp & the Pharaohs: Breaking My Heart Jimmy Sysum with the Rockin’ Three: Tears Of Happiness / Big Time Mama Charles Vickers: Polar Bear Linc Jeffries & the Missing Links: Pitch Black / On The Rampage Jack Arnold & the Chalecos [Vocal By Baby Ray & The Pharaohs]: Hey Joe Baby / Pistol Packing Mama Charles Page: Sweet Little Girl The Wild Childs [Vocal By Larry & Garry Humphrey]: Rockin’ Heart / I’m Leaving Town Baby Sammy Jackson: Are You My Baby? Jerry Keller [Assisted By The Wig Twisters]: The Faster The Better Joey Robinson: Stood Up Johnny Stark: I Wanna See You Earl Reed & his Rhythm Rockers [Vocal By Johnny Scoggins]: Flat Foot Sam Warren Miller: Everybody’s Got A Baby But Me Bobby Poore [Bumps Blackwell Orchestra & Ferguson Singers]: Mama Says I Can’t Go Out Freddy Koenig & the Jades: Hey, Clarice! Adron Jumper: Crawdad Song Stormy & his Stallions: Hot Rockin’ Baby / Mind Your Business Fred Neil: You Ain’t Treatin’ Me Right Johnny Jumper & the Rhythm Drifters: Walking - Talking Stan Johnson with the Blue Chips: Shimmy And Shake / Baby Baby Doll Nelson Ray: Walking Shoes

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