Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007


Bob Hicks & the Fenders: Rock Baby Rock / Baby Sittin’ All The Time Lonnie Anderkin: Teenage Baby / Tell ‘Em Merle Matts II & his Melody Range Riders: Pink Shoes Jack King: Ready To Go Steady / Have Heart Will Love The Accents [Vocal By David Gates]: Lovin’ At Night Tiny Morrie: Everybody Rocks Thomas Mitchell: I’m A Wise Ole Cat Ray Beach & the Driftwoods: Walking Blues The Trailblazers: Grandpa’s Rock Tommy ‘Jim’ Beam & the Four Fifth: My Little Jewel Roger White: Somebody’s Stealing My Baby Merle Matts II: Shake With Me Baby Billy Smith: Tell Me Baby Jimmie Smith & the Ranchhands: Pinch Me Quick Joey Welz & the Rock-A-Billies: Boppin’ The Stroll Watson Mishoe with Kenny & the Klovers: She Told A Lie Jerry Bryan: Walking Out Chewing Ray: Little Boogie Ding Dong The Rockin’ Rebels: Study Hall Blues Keetie & the Kats [The Rockinest Of The Rockin’]: That’s The Way Wolf (Opper): Stomping To The Beat Bobby Martin & the Tune Twisters: Jo Jo Rock And Roll The Rhythm Rockers: Thinkin’ About You Jules Blattner & his Teen Tones: Rock And Roll Blues Jim Holt: Oh! My Linda The Key Notes: Tuff-E-Nuff Baby Charlie Pack: Fluffy Dog

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