Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

1998 - TEEN TOWN

Jimmy Lee Ballard [Music By The Rhythmrockers]: Say You’ll Be Mine Howard Perkins & his Kountry Kinfolk: Lovin’ Baby Billie J. Killen: I Wonder The “Dodgers” & Johnny Angel: Poor Little Fool Jules Blattner & his Teentones: Teen Town / Green Stuff / Til I’m With You Jim Murphy & the Accents: I’m Gone Mama Ken Davis: Gone Again Kim Irwin: All About Cha Babe Brien Fisher: Fingertips Danté: Baby Baby Ronnie Pearson: Deep Blue Sea Al Denny: Just Say Jackie O’Neal & the Rebel Rockers: You Broke My Heart John Worthan: Evalina Malony Francis Zambon & the Naturals: Our Love Will Last The Royal Rhythms [Vocal By Jerry Kerlee]: The Wayward Wind Darrell Speck & the Rebel Rousers: Take Me Back Butch St. Clair: Tell Me Quick, Tell Me True The Sparkles [feat. Bob Smith]: He Can’t Love You Earl Dukes: Spin The Bottle The Catalinas: Be Mine The Echo Man: You Broke My Heart Wayne Cochran: Cindy Mary Joe Popiel: I’m Crying Again Doug Loveless: What More / Coconut Girl The Del Rays: Star Light Buddy Shepherd: I’m Hypnotized

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