Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Al Hendrix: Young And Wild Ron Berry & the Dreamers: I’ll Give You All My Love Tommy Cassel: Go Ahead On / Rockin’ Rock And A Rollin’ Stone Frankie & Margie: Bob Guitar The Nite Caps: Wildcat Bill Carter: I Wanna Feel Good Everett Pauley: Little Girl Bob Callaway & the Spiro Hepcats: Tick Tock Ron Strawn & the Bucks: Drivin’ Cleve Warnock: My Baby Is Gone Chuck Wheeler: Feelin’ Kinda Lonesome Gray Montgomery: Right Now Mike Fern & the Del Royals: A-Bomp Bop Wayne Perdew: Up Beam Baby Jericho Jones: Black Magic Buck Trail: Chattanooga Drummer Man The Benders: Sharpest Little Girl Claude King: Run Baby Run Johnny Watson & his Night Owls: I’m Not Crazy Jerry Parsons & the Blue Jeans: Don’t Need No Job Hank Legault: I Knew / Shame Bill Flagg: Go Cat Go Dick Tacker: Rock All Night With Me Aubrey Cagle: Real Cool The Smith Brothers: I Just Can’t Go On Gary Hodge: Not For Love Or Money Lucky Plank: Hey Hey Baby Mack Banks & his Drifting Troubadours: Be-Boppin’ Daddy

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