Montag, 31. Dezember 2007


Emil Spak with the Encores: Hold Up Sammy Berk [At The Piano]: Big Beat Boogie The Vibrants: Wildfire / Scorpion Cay Wagner Orchestra [With Ward Darby Guitarist]: Kentucky Blue Grass [The Liverpool Sound Of] The Royals: Percision The Blue Jeans: Cool Martini The Shufflers: Ireland Express / Slumber Kurt & the Kapers: Trapped / Mon-Goose Terry & the Renegades: Live Drive Lenny & the Continentals: Get Off The Road / Yankee Doodle Rock The Corvairs: Something Wild The T-Birds: Thunder Rock Tiny Fuller: Cocklebur The Vanguards: Wild The Tornadoes: Riot The Penetrators: Blitzkrieg The Run-A-Bouts: Wild Fire The Consolations: Groovey Grubworm The Futuras: Mile Zero The Ramrods: War Cry The Caps: Red Headed Flea The Holidays: Concussion Ray McArthur’s Hill Stoppers [Vocal Hayward Norred]: Raymond’s Beat The Storms: Tarantula Jackie Lowell [With Duane Diamond & the Astronauts]: Warpath The Starfires: Billy’s Blues

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