Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Grady Lewis & the Starlighters: Rompin’ Stompin’ Wayne Rogers: Wayne Boogie Bob & Vic with the Kool Kats: Crossed Eyed Susie Wake Up The Four Rebels: Boogie Woogie Sally Alvis (Eddie) Edwards: Real Gone Baby The Catalinas: The Catalina Push Jimmy & the Vems: Twisting Sadie George Darro: The Southern Twist Doug Clayton: Saturday Night Twist / Sally Ann Billy Barnett: Romp And Stomp Beecher Hickman: Hey Blues Comer Money: Rambler Wayne (Red) Cobb: Somethin’ Bad’s Gonna Happen The Marcus Brothers: Sugar Booger Bill Carter: I Used To Love You Bobby & the Fifths: My Baby’s Fine Dinky Harris & the Spades: She Left Me Crying Gene Taft: Make The Blue Go Away Bobby Crown & the Kapers: One Way Ticket Pete Peters & the Rhythmmakers: Rockin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms Bob Perry: Weary Blues Goodbye Eddie Eay with Frankie & the Rocks: Dancin’ Girl Bobby Brant & the Rhythm Rockers: Piano Nellie The Mints: Busy Body Rock Johnny Barnette & Bob and the Vets: Shadow My Baby The Rebel Rowsers [Vocal Doug & Terry]: Red Headed Woman Joe Warfield & Sixteens: Mama’s Little Girl The Chavis Brothers: So Tired The Savoys: Domino

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