Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

1999 - HOT ROD HOP

Bob Taylor: The Road Runner Kenneth Hunt: Teenage Tease The Eliminators: Move Out Lotus The Burning Slicks: Hard Drivin’ Man / Midnight Drag Johnny Cates: Thunder The Shut Downs: Four On The Floor / Beach Buggy Hermy Herman: Hey Hot Rod Sonny Cole & the Rhythm Roamers: Curfew Cops The Premiers: Daytona Alexander & the Greats: Hot Dang Mustang The Sandells: Out Front Garrett Williams: Motorcycle Millie Don Pearly: Drag Race The Pilt Down Five: ‘32 Ford Robert A. Irvine & the Kentucky Colonels: Fastest Short in Town Billy Barry: They Call Me Willie The Wild One Cookie Roberts: Draggin’ The Drive-Inn’s Bruce MacDonald & his Royal Scots: Drag Race Mama Bill Hayes: Message From James Dean The Manin Brothers: Hot Rod Susie The Sportsmen: Hot Rod Hop Terry Ray Bradley: Highway Robbery Manuel & the Renegades: Rev-Up Tommy Payne: Fire Engine Red Bandanna Johnny Redd: Take A Ride With Me Robert Williams & the Groovers: Loud Mufflers Tom Tall: Hot Rod Is Her Name Wayne Cochran: Last Kiss

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