Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007

1995 - ALLEY CAT

Bob Taylor: Don’t Be Unfair Andy Starr: I Love You Baby Billy Adkinson: Rock-A-Mo (Part 2) Jeff Daniels: Daddy-O-Rock / Foxy Dan Walter Brown & his Band: Alley Cat / Jelly Roll Rock Carl Miller: Rhythm Guitar Harold Montgomery with the Ray Johnson Band: How Much Do You Miss Me Jimmy Wolford: My Name Is Jimmy Everett Carpenter: Run Run Mabel / Let Your Hair Down Baby Fred Farrah & the Hitch Hikers: Settle Down The Vibes: Pretty Baby Ricky Ryle & the Rebelair’s: Sycamore Lane Tommy Strange: Nervous And Shakin’ All Over Lonnie Barron [The Mississippi Farm Boy]: Teenage Queen Wayland Seals & the Oilpatch Boys: When I’m Gone Johnny Nace: You Got The Blues F. D. Johnson with the Missouri Valley Boys: Be My Baby Texas Red Rhodes: Go Cats Go George Fleming: I’m Gonna Tell On You / The Shake The Invaders [Vocal Wayne Kent]: Pam Bobby Dean: It’s A Fad, Ma! The Teen-Beets: I Guess That’s Why You’re Mine The Rel Yea’s: Country Bop Red LeBlanc: I Love Her, Right Or Wrong Scotty Miller: I Got School Al Barkle: Muscle Beach

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