Montag, 31. Dezember 2007


The Dial Tones: Boss Jim Anderson & Red Scales: Hootenanny Special The Tremolos: Kackle The Atmospheres: Fickle Chicken Grace Tennessee: Pow Wow The Noblemen: Dirty Robber Dick Burdo & the Smiling Ranch Cowboys: Brushfire The Pyramids: Pyramid’s Stomp / Paul The Montereys: Rocker Wally & the Rights: Zipper Jerry Lee Trio: Warpath The Renegades: Charge Red Arrow & the Braves: Red Skin Teddy & the Rough Riders: Thunder Head Ray Morton & the Temp-Tones: Whirlwind Eddie Smith with the Hornets: Upturn / Border Beat The Saints: Playboy The Uniques: Renegade The Chessmen: Dark Eyes Ace Cannon: Big Shot Leon Smith & the Orbit Rockers: Dynamic / Windfall Bob Taylor & the Counts: Thunder The Epkon’s: Horsfly The Admiral Tones: Rocksville, Pa. The Mysterions: Down Hill The Live Wires: One Cycle Venture The Thrashers: Sledge Hammer

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